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7 Ways the Tahoe Springs Water team stays hydrated

You think about hydration and staying healthy. A great way is to order water from a reliable water company to ease everything. But how does a water company staff stay hydrated, and what do they know or do that you do not. You will know through this article how Tahoe Springs water staff stays hydrated and drink enough water. The tricks and strategies help you to ensure your hydration.

How to drink water without much trouble and enforcement?

Drinking water every day is essential. You have heard it a thousand times, but do you commit to drinking water every day.

You may not find out, but a few signs and symptoms could rise up due to dehydration. Headaches feeling, dizziness, tiredness, and confusion are some of the signs that hurt you and me every day. How do you know that dehydration is not the root cause?

The good news is that we humans are creatures of habit. They help us do some things automatically without thinking. We can create a system to stay hydrated, healthy, and well-shaped.

The following tips are some of the tricks and ways the Tahoe Springs Water team uses to stay hydrated. Our staff are aware of the importance of hydration.


We do not gulp water; we sip a few times

Can you eat just in the morning and remain full during the day? Can you or anyone else sleep on the weekend and remain alert during the week? The obvious answer is no, so it is with drinking water.

You would better not drink a few glasses of water once a day and not drink for the rest.

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is about 15.5 cups per day for men. 11.5 cups of fluids a day for women.

Do you want to try and see what happens if you drink all of it at once?

It would be better to drink a few times per day to make it up for the lost water, especially during the summer. You tend to lose more water during the hot season.

The one thing we do wrong in planning a habit is clarity. You might think that you lack motivation but what you miss is clarity. “I want to become healthy” ok then what?

What are you going to do about it? How are you supposed to reach it? But take a look at this sentence instead. “I skip sugary drinks after lunch to take one step toward a healthier lifestyle”.

The second sentence holds clarity. You know when and where you must take action and what to do about it. The point to remember is to add time and location to such sentences. It works better for you.

Clarity makes miracles when you want to start a new habit. The science calls it implementation intention. If you are into self-development books, you might have read Atomic habits by James Clear.

We take advantage of this technique in Tahoe Springs Water and have created such implementation intentions for ourselves. “Before lunch, I drink a full glass of water to ensure hydration and to suppress my appetite”.

When should you start it? The sooner, the better. But if you need a bit of motivation, start it on the first day of the week or the first day of the month.

Remember that time and location are essential when starting something new.

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There is a sign of water everywhere

When you enter our office, you can see the pictures of water everywhere. It is obvious that you see such photos in a water company, but it leads to drinking more water.

Anne Thorndike’s research in Massachusetts proved the importance of the environment. Instead of soda and sugary drinks, they decorated a cafeteria with water bottles. After some time, the sales of soda decreased, and people drank more water.

You and I pick the product not because of what they are but because of where they are. Do you stay longer in the cooler area of the mall? Don’t you take a look at the shelves that are right in front of you, not the pens that are far from the end of the shop? This is why the most beautiful items are available right in front of your eyes.

You can not switch working for a water company, but you can change your environment. Change the photo of your screen with a person drinking water that delights you.

Put a photo of yourself drinking water and enjoying it in a memorable location. Purchase a beautiful water bottle that is your favorite color and put it on your desk.

They encourage you to drink water more.

This time when you enter the supermarket, instead of the sugary drink, get water and fill your bottle. You tend to stick with what you see.


Joy comes with drinking water for us

On Sunday morning, I go running for 30-45 minutes. Returning home, I take a nice shower and make a Turkish coffee for myself with my favorite cookie. It is the relaxation and attractiveness in that feeling after the shower with coffee that I am after. It is the motivation that gets me going for the run at 5 am.

If you take a closer look, the sugary drinks and fast food are ass attractive to us. Every bite of french fries tastes differently than the previous one. You never feel the same with sugary drinks and soda.

In today’s life, we like a heightened version of reality that is attractive to us. Social media, fast food, and advertisement combine various elements to exaggerate what is attractive to us.

But what about water. It has tasted the same since the Big Bang. That is not going to stay the same. It is possible to change the water and make it more attractive to us. You can change the taste of water with the natural flavors of your favorite fruits.

This is what we do in Tahoe Springs Water, although our water option tastes much better than tap water, particularly tap water in Las Vegas.

Staff add peppermint or pieces of fruit to their water and, after a few minutes, enjoy a refreshing drink. They find a jar of such drinks in the kitchen.


Keep track of hydration with an app or a calendar

You tend to enjoy the progress you are making with what you do. When you see the results of your work, you get encouraged to continue doing it. I can see the word count on the bottom of this page writing these worlds. It makes me get going and finish this article.

But do you see any progress instantly with working out? Your weight is still the same after the 10th session of hitting the gym.

How about that veggie diet? Your belly doesn’t seem to have changed after bitting the tasteless carrots. We want to witness our progress, and we are more likely to continue when we see it.

How can you see the results of your progress with drinking water, and is there any development with it?

I have a calendar on my back. Every day that I avoid sugary drinks and stick to my bottle of water, I cross one day. At the end of the month, taking a look back, it’s quite an achievement.

I always keep the results of the best month on the wall with a clean new one. This is one way we get to drink more water per day.

You can install an app on your smartphone and track the amount of water you drink or the days you remain loyal to water.  When you see the signs of making progress, you stick with it.


Drinking healthy pure water is easy

You just need to reach out your hand the bottle of water is there for you. People working in Tahoe Springs Water have easy access to pure, healthy water. It doesn’t require much effort to drink.

If you want to drink more water, make drinking water easy for yourself. Supplying water could take time and energy. We, humans, tend to spend less energy on things. When drinking water is hard, we tend not to spend energy on it.

The things you and I do every day are the easiest ones, scrolling through social media, opening YouTube, etc.

You need less friction for the habit you want to stick with. If finding water is hard, it is less likely that you will continue drinking it. A water company with a good reputation and reliable water source can eliminate the obstacle along the way.

People working in a water company can easily drink the water. You can drink it easily by just ordering it. You are less likely to visit the shop when you are not on your way home. But when it is on your way and has less obstacle or friction, you are highly likely to visit it.

This is why you and I visit Starbucks every day. There is one everywhere, and they are easy to find and visit.

Mason Currey is the author of the book daily Rituals. He has compiled a list of the more than 150 inspired—and inspiring—mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, novelists, painters, poets, playwrights, and others did every day.

The point is not what they did but that they created a system to do the same things every day. Whether it is writing, composing a new song, working on a philosophical matter, or doing research.

You can learn from it too. Create a system to drink water every day with the water company.


Time doesn’t matter, but the repetition does

You have searched for how long it takes for that action to become part of you. There are various numbers; 21 days, three months, or 180 days.

But the duration is not important and what matters is the frequency you repeat. The more you practice action and do it, the more likely it is that it becomes part of your identity and one of your habits.

The habits you have currently have been internalized over thousands of repetitions. So you need to repeat them enough to get formed. But how to remind yourself to do them every day.

A reminder app on your phone can is a great solution. You won’t have any difficulty forgetting anything.

Moreover, your mind will be clear by writing the things you have to do. This is what the studies of Roy Baumeister proved. When you write down the tasks and responsibilities, your mind is assured that you do not forget them and can get to other important stuff.


A commitment device to prevent you from drinking

There is a colleague of mine his name is jack he had to lose weight to get in shape for his wedding. But he was and is crazy about the sweet stuff. As he was devastated about finding a way to lose weight, we signed a contract together.

If he eats one sweet thing per day, I report it to the CEO, and $10 will be subtracted from his monthly salary. It might sound cruel and harsh, but he was determined to do it. Everything was legal, and even our lawyer observed the process.

Jack stayed committed to the sugar-free diet for 48 days, and it worked. He was able to lose 6 pounds.

You might not have to sign such hard dealing with a friend, but you can ask him/her to blame you for not drinking water.


Let’s sum up…

Life can become easier with hacks and tricks. You do not have to go through obstacles and frictions to get what you want.

This article provides you with ways that we at Tahoe Springs Water use to stay hydrated and drink enough water.

The introduced ways are not a personal opinion but are backed by science and knowledge of habit formation. The company culture relies on self-development.

The final point is that you need to drink enough water every day. As the taste of water is not that good, Tahoe Springs Water has provided you with the best alkaline, purified, and spring mountain water in Las Vegas since 1994.

Give us a call at  (725) +702-433-4545 and order your water option now. Ensure your family’s hydration and source of water with Tahoe Springs Water.

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