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Water dispenser vs water filter, what is better for home?

A water dispenser or water filtration, what kind is better for you

You have tasted tap water and it’s not very good. You are considering a water dispenser or filtration but which one is appropriate by your conditions.

Tahoe Springs Water provides the features and benefits of filtration and the water dispenser so you can make up your mind.

How does a water dispenser work?

The water dispenser is made of a simple design, and the device is of simple structure. The bottle of water is placed on the above part of the dispenser upside and down. There is a hole on top of the device which water passes through by force of gravity. The vacuum pressure and gravity will release the water through the tube, and the glass or cup will be field. When water gets out of the bottle, the air fills in instead.

How can the water not flood the machine? Well, there is a valve inside the water dispenser that prevents this from happening. When you fill your cup or glass, the water is replaced from the bottle. It is required that the bottles stay constant over the dispenser, which uses electricity to cool or heat the water as long as you use it.

Water dispensers usually do not have filters as the bottled water placed on top is purified, clean, and completely safe to drink. The main purpose of a water dispenser is to cool or warm the water and provide a healthy water option to the users. They can use water as many times as they want, drink enough water, and ensure hydration/

Not only is hydration guaranteed, but also it is convenient and saves a lot of time. It can provide water at various temperatures as users require, so it can respond to the demands of a lot of employees or people.

As water dispensers can provide warm and cold water, they are useful for the hot and cold seasons and save funds.

Servicing a water cooler or dispenser is easy, and there isn’t much required har work.

Why do you need a water dispenser?

The following reasons explain why you need a water dispenser:

Better for health

The taste of tap water might not be very good in some areas, particularly in Las Vegas. As a result, people or employees might not have the incentive to drink enough water, and dehydration could pose serious health problems.

Headaches, lack of energy, afternoon slums, and feeling hungry are some of the causes of dehydration that people might not be aware of. So a water dispenser can avoid all of them, especially for employees.

Better skincare

There are different researches that indicate the link between hydration and skin health. Water helps keep the elasticity of the skin. Drinking enough water helps to slowly tighten your skin and maintain a healthy glow.

Healthy skin needs a balanced pH level, and water can do it for you in a natural way. When you drink water, it flushes the toxins out of your body, especially the harmful ones, and enhances the health of your body and skin.

People who drink enough water per day are less likely to suffer from

  • Scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Soft lines

A reason to drink enough water

The experts who analyze habits scientifically say that if you want to do something easily, make the signs available in front of yourself. It encourages you to do it more without putting too much pressure on yourself.

James Clear and Charles Duhhig explain it in the books Atomic Habit and The Power of habit. A water dispenser can be that sign to motivate people and staff to drink more water.

The reason some employees put a water bottle on their desk is the knowledge of habit.

Help weight loss

It might sound strange, but how can a water dispenser help you lose weight? Our body might mistake thirst for hunger. You are thrifty but do not recognize it and think that you are thirsty, so you get to the fridge and eat. It leads to further weight loss without knowing. Also, if you drink water before meals, it fills your stomach and makes you eat less. The two reasons are convincing enough to have a water dispenser around.

Saves you time and money

A water cooler can avoid buying lots of bottled water and save you a lot of time during the day. You could fill your water quickly and avoid boiling water or getting to the fridge that might not have cool water all the time.

Water dispenser culture increases the company’s culture

The water dispenser location has been the place where staff gather and enjoy a nice chat together. It’s been the place where people meet and socialize. What they talk about is work or personal subjects. People have an opportunity to meet new people and get a break from work.

One point I learned from the Deep Work book by Cal Newport is productive mediation. When people engage in physical activity and focus on a problem, the mind finds a solution to that problem. This is why you and I often find answers to questions while driving, walking, taking a shower, or washing the dishes.

The water cooler in the office is an opportunity for the staff can stand up, walk, and engage in physical activity to come up with a creative idea or solution to the problems faced at work.

Adam Grant, the organizational psychologist at Wharton business school, also says in his book the Originality that there is a good kind of procrastination called “productive procrastination.” When you leave a problem and come back later, you will find an answer to it. A water cooler can provide staff with that break.

Different types of water dispenser

Different types of water dispensers available in the market are as follows:

Top Loading Water Dispenser

This type is the most commonly used, and the common type is offices and offices around the country. A 5-gallon water container often fills the top part upside down, and gravity takes the water to the dispenser.

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The bottle of water is placed at the top of the dispenser, and a pump takes water to the dispense and faucets.

Mini Water Dispenser

These models are small enough to be placed on a table, and water is loaded from small containers.

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How does water filtration work?

The water filtration process works in two ways;

  • Physical filtration, water passes a gauze-like membrane, and large parts of particles get removed.
  • Chemical filtration; patented smart technology is used to eliminate impurities.

There are five types of different filtration that each have a different function to purify water:

Mechanical Filters

A barrier is used to eliminate particles, dirt, or sediment in the water. Mechanical filters can be made of different filters, from a basic mesh that is simple in design to a ceramic filter that is complex and is used to filter pathogenic organisms.

Absorption Filters

Carbon is mostly used in Absorption in water filters. They are particularly effective at taking water-borne contaminants. Carbon has a huge internal surface that is jam-packed with nooks and crannies. This is the primary reason why they are so successful in purification. They are able to get chemical impurities such as chlorine.

You can use different materials to make carbon for filters, such as wood and coconut shell. The latest one is highly effective but really expensive.

Sequestration Filters

When you filter water by isolating a substance chemically, the process is used in scale inhibiting filters in order to sequester the calcium and magnesium minerals. They cause limescale and corrosion.

Ion Exchange Filters

The process uses other ions such as sodium or hydrogen ions to exchange the magnesium and calcium ions found in hard water. Ion exchange eliminates the hard minerals; the process reduces limescale and makes water appropriate for usage.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

During the Reverse Osmosis Filteration, inorganic solids are removed from the water. They are forced through a semipermeable membrane under pressure, so most of the contaminants are left behind.

This type is highly effective in purifying water. It is often combined with other types of filters like mechanical (sediment) filters and absorption (activated carbon).

Tahoe Springs Water filtration

Tahoe Springs Water conducts the following purification stages for its water:


  • Microfilter
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Ozonization

Purified drinking water

  • Water softener
  • Active carbon filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Active carbon
  • Microfilter
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Ozonization


A water dispenser or filtration, which is better for you?

Filtration and water dispenser have both benefits and features. Picking the appropriate one is up to the conditions and the environment that you are in. The decision is up to you considering the benefits and features for the place you want to use it and for the people.

Water delivery service

You would better consider a water delivery service for your family and office. It provides purified healthy water for you in a convenient way. There are different water options and you can benefit from them.

Whatever your choice is, Tahoe Springs Water provides the water dispenser and filtered water for your health and safety.

We have provided the best alkaline, purified, and purified drinking water to the Las Vegas residents for +20 years now. Order your water now, and our delivery man will be right in front of your palace of residence. Give us a call at +702-433-4545 or go through the menu of the website.

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How do I know that I need a water dispenser?

If you don’t have access to clean water at work, you could use a water dispenser.

Is filtration better than a water dispenser?

Each one has their feature and benefits. Read the article to find out.

What size water dispenser do I need?

It’s up to the number of people there and the water usage.

Can I save time and money by ordering water from your water company?

Definitely. You can ensure your hydration and safety and relax of worrying over water quality.

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