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What are the benefits of drinking water for kidneys?

What are the benefits of drinking water for kidneys

Look down to your waist. There are two pieces of the jewel on the left and right sides of your body. You can never find them again as you can never replace them. Your kidneys are essential organs of your body that you can not live without them. Drinking enough water every day is the one thing you have to do for the rest of your life to keep your kidneys healthy.

Tahoe Springs Water explains what water will do to your kidneys and what benefits it provides.

Why is water important for the body?

The answer is your body. About %70 of your body is made of water, and you need water to stay alive and healthy. Your body needs water for most of its functions, and it can not work without water.

Most of the water your body needs is replaced by drinking water and eating food, but drinking takes most of the responsibility.

Water is needed for functions that you have never heard about them. For instance, water is essential for brain function; when you think, your body uses water. Also, regulating the temperature during hot and cold seasons is with the help of water. Do you remember the last time you visited the bathroom? Your body uses water to flush out the waste from itself.

Think of the time you eat food. You use saliva to intake the food. What is the main ingredient of saliva? Yes, you got it right; water.

When you walk, run or work, your tissues, joints, and spinal cord are working together to make the movement possible. Water helps lubricate and cushion them.

Hydration has a direct influence on strength, power, and endurance. If you are dehydrated, you have problems with physical activity and working out. You have to drink enough water before, during, and after the workout. If you do high-intensity sports like soccer or volleyball, you need to be more careful of your hydration.

Do you or your family often suffer from constipation? One cause could be dehydration and not drinking water. You need enough water for your bowel movements.

According to Healthline, drinking water before, during, and after your meal helps with taking food. Moreover, water helps “dissolve vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from your food”.

If you are thinking of losing weight, water could be your first option. It’s a natural appetite suppressor and helps you lose weight. Also, you need to drink water as your body often mistakes thirst for hunger.


The amount of water you need

How much water you should drink is up to several factors. The amount of water in your body is not the same for everybody. Also, people are different in lifestyle, medical conditions, genetics, jobs, and habits. The below factors are some of the items that determine how much water you need;

  • The area you live in.
  • Diet
  • Season.
  • Physical activity.
  • General health condition.
  • The medication you take.
  • Height.
  • Temperature.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

During the hot season, you might have to drink more water to compensate for the lost water through sweat. Also, people who are more physically active need to drink more water. Some medications could make you drink more water, or you just need to drink water with them due to the effects.

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has a guideline on the amount of water you need. It says that men need about 15.5 cups of water while women need 11.5 cups of water per day.

The amount can increase or decrease to the mentioned conditions. You can also consult with a health expert on the amount of water you need. But the general rule of thumb is that you should drink enough water not to feel thirsty. Remember that there are some items that you do not feel thirsty for, but you need water.


Are you drinking enough water?

If you want to know whether you are drinking enough water or not, you should know the signs and symptoms of dehydration. These signs do not appear the same for everyone. But there are some signs that are common as signs of dehydration. You should know them if you want to use the benefits of drinking water for your kidneys.

Signs of dehydration for adults 

  • Feeling tired.
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Fewer visits to the bathroom.
  • Feeling extreme thirst.
  • Dark-colored urine

Infant or young child

  • Dry tongue and mouth
  • No wet diapers for longer than 3 hours.
  • Irritability
  • No tears when crying

These are the general symptoms of dehydration that you need to be careful with. Most of them will be removed with drinking water at home. In extreme cases, when you get diarrhea or another medical condition, you have to visit a doctor.


What does water do for your kidneys?

As explained, water is essential for a healthy life. You need water to be alive and healthy, but drinking water has some huge benefits for your kidneys. You will know them in the below section:


Drinking water helps prevent kidney failure.

When you do not drink enough water, a medical condition develops in your body that gets called prerenal azotemia. If you continue not drinking water and the prerenal azotemia worsens, it leads to kidney failure. You will not get urine and have fewer visits to the bathroom.

Kidney failure requires dialysis at the end. So you have to drink enough water every day to prevent such a serious medical condition.


Water prevents kidney stones.

Let’s go over this experience; sharp pain in one side of your body. You feel a burning sensation while urinating. You have several visits to the bathroom, and the amount is small and incomplete. Feeling infection, fever, chills, and vomiting together.

Do you want to avoid these bad experiences and pains? You have to drink enough water every day.

Water prevents kidney stones, and you have to drink enough every day.

Kidney stones develop in the body when your urine is very concentrated. Not drinking water leads to the concentration of particles or solids in the kidney ending in kidney stone. The urine gets concentrated if you do not drink enough water.

If kidney stone runs in your family, you should be more careful with drinking enough water nd have more physical activity.


Healthy blood pressure and good circulation.

Water helps to have healthy blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to kidney stones, so you need water to avoid kidney stones and keep your blood pressure at a good level.

Also, water helps your heart to pump oxygen and other nutrients to every part of the body. A dehydrated body can not send oxygen to its parts, so the overall function might be interrupted. It is true for your kidneys as well. If they do not get enough oxygen, they can not work properly.


Water helps with weight loss.

Sometimes when you feel like having another donut or feel hungry, it’s thirst. Yes, your body can mistake thirst for hunger. If you do not drink enough water, your body tends to eat more, which could lead to obesity and weight gain, which is a threat to the kidneys.

Also, water is a natural appetite silencer. Study says that drinking water before meals and during the day can lead to weight loss. Moreover, water prevents you from drinking sweet drinks like soda. Fewer sugar meals, less work for kidneys, and a healthier kidney.

Remember that obesity is one of the risk factors for kidney failure.


You need water to work out.

Water is essential to lubricate your joints. If you do not drink enough water, your joints and muscles can not work properly. Also, you need water to avoid feeling tired and fatigued. A dehydrated body can not work out or get engaged in physical activity.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, you need exercise to have healthy kidneys. Before getting started, consult with a health expert about the right exercise for your condition. But the Kidney Foundation suggests a “continuous activity like: 

  • walking,
  • swimming,
  • bicycling (indoors or out),
  • skiing,
  • aerobic dancing

Physical activity should move large muscle groups continuously, and the mentioned items are the best ones.


Should I drink tap water or bottled water?

Tap water is healthy and safe to drink in the US. But in some areas like Las Vegas, people do not like the taste much. So it can be a cause that people do not drink enough water and risk dehydration.

Bottled water could be an option as it has better taste and many more features. Moreover, it encourages you to drink enough water and ensure healthy kidneys. Bottled water helps with the benefits of drinking water for kidneys.

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