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Why Should You Choose Bottled Water Instead of Tap Water?


Standing in front of a fridge, looking through the drinks. You make up your mind and choose the bottled water over sugary drinks. Others do the same. More and more people choose bottled water over other types of beverages due to its benefits.

What is Bottled Water?

The FDA recognizes bottled water as safe water for people to drink. It is stored in containers or bottles with zero additives. However, it may contain safe and appropriate disinfectants. For instance, the FDA authorizes fluoride with limits.

Apart from the FDA, the water must also follow State rules and regulations. So you can use it safely. Bottled water comes in different types and models. You choose the bottled water that fits your conditions and needs. See the section below to know more about its types.

Bear in mind that the law does not consider soda water, seltzer water, or things like that as bottled water. They are soft drinks and might contain additives like sugar.

Is bottled water 100% pure?

Bottled water goes through filtration and purification to ensure it’s safe and good. Although bottled water isn’t 100% pure, it’s usually safe, clean, and good to drink. Different brands prioritize both taste and safety, with some putting more emphasis on the former.

Why should you choose bottled water instead of tap water?

Can you live without breathing or food? So you can’t go without water. More than 60% of your body is made of water. So you need to drink enough water every day. Most people forget the “every day” part.

The tap water in the US is safe to drink. Yet, in some areas like Las Vegas, people don’t like the taste. The water is also acidic. So, people turn to bottled water. Click here to know more about tap water in Las Vegas.

How do you stay hydrated when you are out or working out? Are you sure of the tap water you are about to sip? That is another reason why people turn to bottled water.

The below reasons also say why you should choose bottled water:

Being healthy

What other drink do you know that’s zero in:

  • Calorie
  • Sugar, and
  • Additives

Are you familiar with any other safe way to guarantee your hydration? You need about 2-2.5 liter of water every day to prevent dehydration.

By the CDC, drinking enough water guarantees your:

  • Body’s temperature
  • The function of kidneys
  • Physical performance.
  • Clear thinking.
  • Cushioning joints

The list is not going to end this soon. Bottled water can provide all the benefits of the water you need.

Better flavor

A few people don’t like the taste of tap water. It may lead to not drinking enough water; dehydration. You know a ton of information about the dangers of dehydration. You may not be aware that you’re missing something.

Easy to get

You can not have access to tap water in every situation. Yet, bottled water is convenient. You can have easy access to it. The first requirement for disasters like earthquakes and storms is bottled water.

Bottled water is the easiest way to stay hydrated while traveling. As you are new, you don’t know whether the tap water is safe or not. It might be safe for the locals, but what about your pregnant wife or child.


You could store bottled water for almost a long time. It gives you the huge advantage of access to safe water for the long term.

Yet, you need to be aware of the storage tips. Bear in mind that you can not keep bottled water forever. Be careful of the expiration date. Then keep the bottled water away from chemicals, solvents, and fumes.

Informed option

You might need to look over what you eat and drink. A few groups with health conditions or disorders may need to take some minerals or avoid some. It is not possible by tap water.

You could choose bottled water to know what you drink. The bottled waters contain a label telling you the ingredients.

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Is it okay to drink only bottled water?

The only things to consider when drinking bottled water are its environmental impact from plastic waste, its higher price, and its different mineral content. The health benefits of bottled water aren’t always apparent in areas with safe tap water. Where tap water quality isn’t great, it’s a practical choice.

5 tips to choose bottled water

When you want to choose bottled water, try to consider the following points:

1. Know the different types

You can choose bottled water from different options.

Alkaline water

The pH level of water determines how acidic or alkaline it is. The 7 scale is neutral. Yet, tap water and most parts of your diet are acidic. So people drink alkaline water.  Alkaline water has a higher pH level. It balances the acidity level of your body.


Springwater comes from a natural source, like a spring or a river. As it passes through the rocks and stones, it holds several natural benefits. For instance, it is alkaline, which raises your energy level and balances your acidity level.

But, the water companies process and filter the water to make sure of its safety. In some cases, they add minerals to it too.

Purified water

Companies filter and process tap water or groundwater. They eliminate contaminants and chemicals to make it safe to drink. When processing, they remove other harmful ingredients, such as:

  • Metals like copper and lead
  • Chemical pollutants
  • Bacteria
  • Algae

There are different procedures to make purified water. The methods depend on the company.

You might find other types to choose bottled water.

2. Determine what is inside the water

Read the label of the bottled water. Determine whether what it contains is appropriate for you or not.

While a few brands of bottled water have a low pH level, others have a higher level. The water’s intensity and taste are determined by:

  • Alkaline and
  • Acidity level

 3. Check the taste

Bottled water comes in various flavors. Taste when you choose bottled water. Some types may be high in vitamins, while others may have a drastic taste but lowering vitamins.

Some companies enhance the chemical content of water. It could lead to different tastes that you might not like.

4. Choose a reliable brand

The brand you choose is essential. You need to know the source of water and how they process it. Be careful that the company provides full information about its processing.

5. Water source

Almost 60%-70% of customers say that the source of water is important to them. About 55% prefer spring water.

You need to make sure of the source of the water. Whether the company is truthful with its water origin or not. See if they provide the result of water tests by a reliable source or not.

How many bottled waters can you drink a day?

You can drink as many bottled waters as you like daily, depending on your age, gender, climate, activity level, and overall health. Women should drink 2.7 liters a day and men 3.7 liters (about 91 ounces or roughly eleven 8-ounce bottles) a day.

All fluids are included, not just water. Adapt your water intake to your activity level, weather conditions, and health status by listening to your body. It’s important to balance your water intake since too much can lead to water intoxication.

What water option should I choose?

There are various water options to pick from with your bottled water delivery; purified water, alkaline water, and spring water.

Tahoe Springs Water provides all three water options. You can pick whatever you want. The one you pick is up to your preferences and condition. Go through the top menu and read the related article for each one of them. The text is complete and full of useful information to make a final decision.

All of the water options are healthy and safe. Your budget is also a determining factor. When you read the texts, a large part of the process is done, and it helps you to make a better decision.

There is no concern with the water options. But if you suffer from a particular health condition, consult with your health expert or doctor.

Is it unhealthy to drink water from plastic bottles?

When the bottles are made of food-grade plastic like PET and used as intended (single-use), drinking water from plastic bottles is generally safe. Ensure they’re stored away from heat and sunlight to prevent chemical leaching. Use reusable stainless steel or glass bottles for an eco-friendly alternative.

How long is water safe in plastic bottles?

When stored properly in a cool, dark place, plastic water bottles can last up to two years. Chemicals may leak into the water if the plastic is exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Check the expiration date and store bottled water away from chemicals and heat sources. There might be a change in taste or odor after long-term storage, even if the water is safe.

Why choose bottled water in Las Vegas

The local authorities in Las Vegas have stated that tap water is 100% safe to drink. The taste….good luck and enjoy.

Not everyone likes the taste of tap water in Las Vegas. So people tend to choose bottled water. As Las Vegas is dry and hot, staying hydrated is essential.

Since you don’t like tap water, you tend to not drink enough water. It could lead to hydration. So it’s even more important to choose bottled water in the Las Vegas valley.

The Final Note

Tap water may not be a good or tasty option in your area. As it tends to be acidic, it might not be a healthy option for you. While it is safe to drink.

You may not have access to safe tap water. Keeping yourself hydrated is a key point in a healthy lifestyle. What would you do during a workout or while being outside of the office?

This is why people tend to choose bottled water. It’s a safe way to drink enough water every day.

Tahoe spring water has been providing the best quality of bottled water in Las Vegas for 20 years.

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Should I pick bottled water?

It’s your choice, but if tap water doesn’t taste good and you might get dehydrated, yes.

What water option is the healthiest to drink?

You can go through the menu of this website and pick your water by your preferences.

Can you recommend a reliable bottled water company?

Tahoe Springs Water has provided the best-bottled water in Las Vegas since 1994.

Should I drink bottled water during the summer and hot seasons?

It’s a good way to ensure hydration.

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