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Collagen water benefits, side effects; and what you should know

Collagen water benefits, side effects; and what you should know

You have opened one page or have seen an influencer in TikTok, then heard about collagen water. They talk about Collagen water benefits and the many features it hotels for you. But are they useful for you? The answer might be a yes. But, you would better read this page and know different aspects of collagen water benefits, side effects, and other important information.

What type of water is collagen water?

As the name suggests, collagen water is made of two main ingredients; water and collagen. There are various definitions for collagen, but the most common one is that it’s made of amino acids but with shorter chains.

You can find various types of collagen water. Even you can make them at home. If you make collagen water at home, you just have to mix collagen and water. But if you buy brand-made collagen water, they might add flavors and juice as well. It’s up to the company.

The mixture might sound simple. But the purchased collagen water may contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes as well. Athletes and people who regularly work out use collagen water to get more energy or recover themselves.

People search for collagen a lot and want to know about it. It has become trendy to use it as a source to get energy and stay active during the day.

As you and I get older, the amount of collagen in the body decreases. So people turn to products that contain collagen: such as powders and beauty products.

Recently,  collagen water has become a product that you can buy at the store, and people have become interested in buying and consuming it.

People take collagen supplements. I fit health benefits; collagen water might be able to do the same. It’s two birds, one stone. You ensure your hydration and take collagen to take supplements and boost your protein intake. You can collagen water for mountain climbing, gym, at the office, in a bottle while you get around, or just purchase it at the nearest store.

According to Healthline, there are different types of collagen and more than 28 types of it , but the most common ones are as follows:

  • Type I:
  • Type ll:
  • Type lll:
  • Type lV:


Does collagen water provide you with benefits?

Before you take a new eating habit or a supplement, you would better know about the benefits or side effects. So it is with the collagen water benefits and side effects.

What made collagen become popular is the moisturizers and creams that are claimed to help with skin health. Very few number of research has been done to support the health benefits of collagen for the skin. But ingesting collagen into the skin has become popular as well. The results of the little research are promising.

According to the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology review, collagen supplements increase skin elasticity and hydration. The report indicates that there were no collagen side effects. But more research needs to be done to ensure there will be no more side effects.

As you age, the amount of collagen decreases in the body. It leads to lines and wrinkles appearing on the skin.

If the amount of collagen decreases, it could lead to skin sagging, as collagen helps with skin elasticity. A study was published in April 2020 on Wound Care. Tatsuya Nomoto and Shinji Iizaka conducted the research and published the results. Some older adults who were hospitalized were given oral collagen. Skin vulnerability was reduced in these patients so were skin tears. Moreover, the study revealed that people’s skin hydration and elasticity increased.

But beauty is not the only feeling that collagen is used in. According to the CDC,” osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis.” The parts of the body which are most affected are bones in;

  • hands,
  • hips,
  • knees

The patients suffering from osteoarthritis showed signs of improvement after taking collagen supplements. This is another collagen benefit. The result of this study was published in International Orthopedics. Juan Mario García-Coronado, Lorena Martínez-Olvera, and their teams were the researchers.

There was another study by Andrea M Rustad, Melissa A Nickles, and their team published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in Feb 2022. It claimed that the collagen benefits are stronger than what people think about it.


Collagen water and heart health.

There is a theory that collagen water might be helpful for your heart condition.

Arteries are the blood vessels that take blood from your heart to other parts of the body. Collagen is a substance that provides structure to your arteries, according to Healthline. According to Trevor A. Nezwek and Matthew Varacallo’s research, without having enough collagen, your arteries might become less flexible and elastic. The result could be atherosclerosis. It’s a health condition or disease that narrows your arteries. It could lead to a heart attack or even a stroke.

According to Naohisa Tomosugi and his team’s study, the participants who took collagen every day decreased artery stiffness from the beginning of the study. The stiffness was compared with the beginning of the study. Moreover, the “participant’s good cholesterol (HDl0 increased by %6”.as you might know, HDL is an important factor in heart conditions. But further studies are required to prove the collagen water health benefits for the heart.


Where can you find natural collagen?

There are different food that contains collagen. You can find them in the collective tissues of animals. These are the samples of the animal source of collagen;

tissues of animals

  • chicken skin,
  • pork skin,
  • beef,
  • and fish


Also, you need vitamin C for collagen synthesis. So make sure you eat food rich in vitamin C, like:  

  • citrus fruits;
  • broccoli,
  • bell peppers

Remember this point. Further research is needed to prove that eating food rich in collagen will increase the collagen level in your body.


Are there side effects with collagen water?

According to Healthline, in general, collagen water or supplements are safe, and there are no side effects with it. But, you would better consult with your health expert or doctor before taking them. Remember that collagen water is a supplement, and you would better treat it like other supplements.

If you suffer from a particular health condition or take medication, you would better consult with your doctor before taking them. They might affect you.

Also, if you buy collagen water or supplements from the store, they might be made of allergy ingredients. People might have allergies to:

  • Fish,
  • Shellfish,
  • Eggs
  • Flavors
  • sweeteners.
  • Etc.


If the company uses an allergic ingredient and you use them, there might be side effects for you. You would better read the ingredients to ensure the collagen water benefits and side effects for yourself.

There have been reports of nausea and bloating after taking collagen supplements, but they are not considered side effects.

You would better consult with your doctor before taking collagen. Remember an essential point; the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements.

If you want to purchase collagen water, you would better get it from famous brands and water companies that have tested the collagen water benefits and side effects.

Also, there are a few health conditions for which collagen water might not be good for them. For instance, if you have to monitor your protein intake and be careful about it, you would better not take collagen water. People who suffer from chronic kidney disease are an example.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you would better consult with your doctor before taking collagen water as well. It’s because animals are a major source of collagen, and companies might use animal sources for collagen powder, supplements, or collage water.

If you are diabetic, read the ingredients of the collagen water and ensure it’s free of sweeteners and sugar. Companies often add sugar to them to flavor the taste.


How to make collagen water at home?

Before you take collagen water benefits, you would better consult with a health expert. It is particularly needed if you suffer from a health condition or take some medicine.

If your doctor says it’s fine to take collagen water, you can make them by just mixing the powder with water at home. Follow the instruction written on the package to make collagen water.

Also, you can use other types of water like alkaline, spring water, or purified water if you do not like the taste of tap water in your area. Tap water might taste bad in some areas like Las Vegas.

Moreover, you can mix collagen with other types of drinks, coffee, smoothie, and juice.


The final word on collagen water benefits and side effects.

Collagen water is generally safe for people. But further research is needed to prove the health benefits. You can take them after consulting with your health expert.

If you don’t like the taste of tap water to make collagen water, your answer is bottled water from a reliable water company.

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