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What facts you need to know about a good and bad drink for diabetes

What facts you need to know about a good and bad drink for diabetes

Did you know that sweet food is not the only risk factor for diabetics? If you have diabetes, you should also be careful about what you drink. Giving up a delicious sweet tea or a cool sugary drink is not an easy task. They have a negative impact on you, but the bottled water you carry around is good for diabetes. You are careful with what you eat; you would better be so your drinks. That’s why you need this article. 

By the end of this text, you know what drinks are good and bad for diabetes, which you have to avoid, and which to drink more. 


What drinks are good for Diabetes?

The blow drinks are good for diabetes:



A study by Diabetes Care says that the people who drink more water every day are less susceptible to diabetes. Vasopressin is a hormone in brian’s hypothalamus. It seems vasopressin helps the body balance hydration. The study indicates that the more dehydrated you are, the higher vasopressin.

You can call water a drink for diabetes.

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How to drink more water?

Experts say you need to drink water every day. The amount of water you need depends on your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical activity
  • An outdoor or indoor job
  • Season

Studies reveal the required amount of water you need is 15 cups for men and 11 cups per day for women. The amount can increase or decrease based on your conditions.


Flavored water

In case you don’t like the taste of water as a drink for diabetes, you can add flavors to it:

  • Orange, lemon, or lime
  • Lemon balm, mint basil, or sprigs of flavorful herbs.
  • Crushing raspberry into your drink.



Brown-Riggs, the president of CBR Nutrition Enterprises, says: “Fat-free milk or low-fat milk is a great drink for diabetes”.

Diabetics have a concern with their blood pressure. The point is that milk can decrease your blood pressure as well. The findings of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition (ACN) proves this fact. 

Angela Ginn is a nutrition education working at the University of Maryland. She is with the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology and advises: “have milk with your meal so your body could take care of increased blood sugar coming with eating carbohydrates.”

The amount of milk you can drink depends on you. Experts recommend 2-3 cups a day. Nessie Ferguson, a nutritionist at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, says: “No need to have worries over milk, but limit your serving size.” One cup of milk contains:

  • 90 calories
  • 12 grams of carbohydrates.


What if you are allergic to milk or can’t stand it? ACN’s study states that dark green vegetables can be an alternative. You can be sure that milk is a wonderful drink for diabetes.



Tea-particularly black and green- is a valuable source of antioxidants. It is free of calories as well. Researches say two to three cups of tea a day can lower the risk of diabetes.

A Japanese study published in Diabetes & Metabolism Journal looked into the effect of green tea and diabetes. It revealed that drinking 2-3 cups of green tea per day reduces type 2 diabetes risks.

According to Reader’s Digest, a Chinese study made clear that black tea slows down sugar absorption into the bloodstream.

A German study found that four cups of tea a day can decrease the risk of diabetes by 16%. Now you can safely call tea a drink for diabetes.


How much tea should you drink?

How much tea you should drink every day is up to your body. Determine how you feel after drinking tea. Most of us are fine with 3-4 cups of tea per day. You just need to avoid sweets, cream, and full-fat milk.

One point to remember with tea is your night sleep. Make sure tea doesn’t break your sleep pattern and prevents you from getting enough sleep.


Herbal tea

Yes, herbal tea is good for diabetes, and you can drink it with peace of mind, according to Healthline. There are various options for you:

  • chamomile,
  • hibiscus,
  • ginger,


Healthline offers this healthy herbal tea you should try: 

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Peppermint tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Ginger Tea
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Echinacea Tea
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Sage Tea
  • Lemon Balm Tea
  • Rose Hip Tea
  • Passionflower Tea


The above tea options are healthy and safe. But if you suffer from a particular health condition, you would better consult with a health expert or your doctor before trying them.

The herbal tea is free of sugar and calories, and carbs, and the diabetic can drink it but make sure there are no additives with the brand you are using.

You could also take advantage of the benefits of herbal tea:

  • Can rejuvenate you
  • Improving digestion system
  • Can help fight cold
  • Decrease aging
  • Improves immune system
  • Stimulates your brain
  • Decreases blood pressure


Remember one point. Too much of a good thing won’t be good anymore. There are benefits to herbal tea, but if you drink too much, there could be side effects. Heartburn, Nausea, and Poor sleep could be some of the side effects if you drink too much of them.



A few studies indicate that coffee drinkers might be at lower risk of diabetes. The study by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is one of them. A 2018 study by Nutrition Reviews also proves the results.

Other researches show that for diabetics, coffee might raise blood sugar. Making your body work harder to process the blood sugar is also possible.

The result is to determine how the coffee will work out for your body. The positive or negative impact is different for everyone.

Consulting with your doctor or checking your blood sugar is a safe way to ensure.

But one point is definite. You gain more weight by sugar, sweetened creamers, high-fat milk, and they will increase your blood sugar. The Mayo Clinic suggests you have up to four cups of coffee per day. The coffee you can take is up to the caffeine and your body’s reaction to it. Thinking of coffee as a drink for diabetes is up to your situation.

What drinks do you need to be careful with?

You need to be careful with the below drinks for diabetes.

Diet soda

Australian researchers found out that drinking diet soda every day increases the risk of diabetes.

Current Developments in Nutrition also published a study about the connection between diet soda and diabetes. The research found out that drinking diet soda every day raises the risk of diabetes. The scientists concluded that diet soda is not a drink for diabetes.

Although scientists are worried about the diet drinks, the American Diabetes Association indicates they are a better option than sugary drinks.

You are not diabetic; it might be better to replace diet soda with a healthy drink.

Fruit juice

According to the Diabetes Forecast, one cup of orange juice contains 28 grams of carbohydrate while an average orange has 14-18 grams.

The findings of research on Diabetes Care also says box juice could not be a drink for diabetes. The sweet will increase your blood sugar rapidly.

So you would better avoid juices containing sugar and replacing them with real ones.

The real juice even might raise your blood sugar. You would better have it with your meal or use fruits instead.

Alcohol for diabetes

American Diabetes Association advises to ask the following questions before taking alcohol:

  • Is your diabetes in good control?
  • Does your doctor agree that you can have alcohol?
  • Are you sure that alcohol will affect you and your blood sugar?

Providing that the answer to the above questions is yes, alcohol might be fine for you.

If you are currently diabetic, alcohol can be harmful. According to Healthline, Alcohol can decrease your blood sugar after taking it. You need to be cautious if you take medicines or insulin.

The ADA advises that women with diabetes shouldn’t drink more than one serving of alcohol and men more than two servings per day.

Sugary drinks and soda

Studies in the Harvard School of Public Health shows that drinking one soda a day will raise a heart attack risk by 20%.

The University of Texas Health Science Center announced that soda drinkers are 70% more likely to be overweight.

A 1.5 cup bottle or can of sweet drink contains ten teaspoons of sugar. Sweet drinks will increase the risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain

Researchers at Bangor University monitored a group of people who had soda for two weeks. They found out that the candidate’s metabolism changed, and they had problems losing weight and burning fat. Soda is not a drink for diabetes by scientific findings.


The article explained good and bad drinks for diabetes. As the scientific findings said, water, milk, and tea are fine for diabetes. But you would better be careful with the full-fat milk and sugar if you take your tea sweet.

You need to be careful with the diet soda and juice. Consulting with your doctor would be better if you have them in your diet. You also need to be careful with alcohol.

Sugary drinks and soda are bad for diabetes. You would better avoid or replace them with a healthy drink for diabetes.

As you see, water is the best and healthiest drink for diabetes. Drinking enough water every day helps you to avoid diabetes and many other illnesses.

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Are swede drinks bad for diabetes?

Yes, they could be bad and affect it; go through the article for more entails.

What drinks can lower the level of blood sugar?

Water is the first and best and zero sugar drink.

Can I drink milk for diabetes?

Yes, you can, and there are benefits; see the article.

Is tea good for diabetes?

Yes, two to three cups a day can lower the risk of diabetes but not sweet tea.

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