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Drinking water in the morning; what’s in it for you?

Drinking water in the morning; what’s in it for you

You have seen people or heard about drinking water first in the morning. But is it useful and has benefits for you? The answer could be yes, and you would better try it. If it’s fine for you, there are numerous advantages to drinking water in the morning. You can get familiar with all of them through this page.

Should you drink water in the morning?

Drinking water needs no reason. It’s healthy and necessary to drink enough water every day and ensure your hydration. But there are times when it’s even better to drink water. A cup or glass of water in the morning is one of these times.

The below reasons explain why it’s a healthy habit to have a glass of water in the morning.


You need water to stay hydrated in the morning.

After your night’s sleep, you might be dehydrated as you have not drunk water for a few hours. One other reason to drink water in the morning is water intake.

According to Adelais Athanasatou and his/her team’s research, “water intake was higher after the first six hours of waking up.” The research was called “Fluctuation of Water Intake and of Hydration Indices during the Day in a Sample of Healthy Greek Adults.”

The longer you stay dehydrated after waking, the longer it could take to make up for the dehydration. You might feel the signs of dehydration.

Remember one point. You could better not drink lots of water in the morning and the hydration level is determined by drinking water throughout the day. It’s a healthy habit to drink water in the morning but not necessary.

Also, as you have control over your habits better in the morning, you are more likely to drink water in the morning. People tend to forget to drink water during the day so sticking to the habit in the morning is a good start.


Water in the morning reduces calorie intake and leads to weight loss.

According to Melissa C. Daniels and Barry M. Popkin’s research and two other independent research by Barry M Popkin and J. ‎McCaffrey, drinking water helps you decrease the number of takin calories. Water increases the feeling of fullness.

Although there might not be enough research into the effects and features of drinking water in the morning and weight loss, some of the research says it’s helpful. Besides, there is nothing wrong with drinking water, and it’s required.

Also, your body often confuses feelings of thirst with hunger. You are thirsty, but you think you are hungry. So, drinking water helps you with this aspect as well.

There is another connection between drinking water and weight loss. According to Michael Boschmann and three other independent researchers, drinking water helps to “increase the body’s metabolic rate by 24–30% in adults”. Your body needs to spend more energy warming up water and removing it from the body. It requires more work. So the body burns more calories which leads to weight loss. But remember one thing. There is no research to support this effect with drinking water in the morning and weight loss.


Drinking water in the morning might help with mental performance

If you get dehydrated, your mind can not work properly, and it has problems in learning new skills and memorizing things. “Hydration and cognitive performance,” a study by M Sécher and P Ritz, provide this result to us.

This is while the study by E Jéquier  and F Constant shows that dehydration can influence;l

  • concentration,
  • short-term memory,
  • physical performance


Hydration helps your brain function. If you have trouble getting your mind focused on the work, one cause could be not drinking water.

If you have meetings or important presentations in the morning besides the coffee, ensure your hydration.

Remember that you need to drink water during the day to ensure your hydration. One glass in the morning is good but do not limit yourself to it. Have a few cups during the day so you keep a good mood in the afternoon as well.


How do I stick to drinking water in the morning?

It might be hard to drink water in the morning. You are so sleepy and often forget to do the necessary things, let alone drink water.

One good tip is to get help from the science of behavior change. The book “Atomic habits” by James Clear is a good option that can help us. This book investigates the habit of science and knowledge and gives a good understanding of how to stick with good habits and eliminate bad ones.

One way you can use to commit yourself to drinking water is to put the sign of drinking water in the morning in front of yourself. Before getting to bed, put a glass of water or bottled water where you see first in the morning. Where to put it? Besides your cell phone, the keys or where you see first in the morning could be your options, but they are up to you.

When you see something, you tend to stick more to it. You have bought a part of running shoes, but where are they now? Yes, at the end of your closet, where you will never see them by the end of spring cleaning.

So, put a bottle of water or a cup in front of you to see it first in the morning. This way, you tend to drink water in the morning and get the benefits.

Also, you can use a statement like this; After I…….I drink a glass of water. This is a type of commitment statement that you can use to commit yourself to drinking water. The more detailed and specific you are, the better. I will drink one glass of water after I wash my hands and face in the morning. You will be surprised by the results. I learned this point from James Clear as well.

But it would be useful to mention Charles Duhiig, the author of “The Power of habit.” He mentions a technique called “the sandwich technique.” It works this way while you put the turkey between two pieces of bread, put the activity you want to do between the tho things you do.

You can put drinking water in the morning between getting dressed or visiting the bathroom. The choices are yours and up to your routine.


How much water should I drink per day?

The amount or number of cups of water you need to drink per day is up to several factors and your circumstances;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical activity
  • Job
  • Whether
  • Height
  • Season
  • Diet
  • Your health condition
  • Medicine you take
  • Etc.


One way to make sure you are drinking water is to drink enough until you do not feel the signs and symptoms of dehydration. 

These are some of the common signs of dehydration; 

  • feeling thirsty.
  • Fewer visits to the bathroom.
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling dizzy
  • dry mouth, lips, and tongue.

There could be more signs of dehydration, and the symptoms are not limited to the above items.

What do health officials say about the amount of water you should drink per day?

According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men need about 15.5, and women need 11.5 cups of water per day. But it could change to your conditions like pregnancy and the medicine you take.


When should you drink water?

You can drink water every time you can and want. But there are times when it’s better to consider drinking water. Besides morning, the below items are good for drinking water;

  • Before meals, ensure hydration and suppress appetite.
  • Before and after exercise, to ensure hydration.
  • Before bed, but not interrupting sleep.
  • While working out to make up for the lost water.
  • Before midday to avoid afternoon slumps.


Let’s sum up…

Tahoe Springs Water brings you the advantage of drinking water in the morning. We brought you what science and research say about it. Overall, it’s good to try it, and it has benefits and advantages for you.

The result of scientific studies was covered on this page, and you can read about the source as well.

Now that you want to ensure your hydration, tap water may not taste good, especially in areas like Las Vegas. Although it’s safe, you might not be tempted to drink enough water. You need a reliable water company with the best quality of water to ensure your hydration. Tahoe Springs Water has provided the best alkaline, purified, and spring mountain water in Las Vegas since 1994. Order the best water in the area with us.

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