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What you need to know about drinking water to lose weight

What you need to know about drinking water to lose weight

You have definitely heard about losing weight by drinking water. Your colleague has a bottle of water over her desk and drinks often. But what magical feature does it have that helps weight loss? The answer is that the effects of water on your body help you to lose weight. It gets called the “Compound Effect” or “Chain Effect.” Drinking water begins a course of action so related to each other that each one begins the next one. You want to know how?

Tahoe Springs Water informs you on how to lose weight by drinking enough water. You will learn the correlation between water and weight loss through scientific findings.


How can water help you lose weight?

Water is the drink that our life and every creature depends on. Yet, it doesn’t have any magical features to make you lose weight. The effects it will have on you, and your lifestyle are what makes you lose weight. It gets called the Compound Effect. Darren Hardy explains it well in his book by the same title.

It works like this that action A begins a series of results that they bring other results. It’s like a domino.

Before you begin reading what water does to your weight, remember that you should drink enough water. A New York Post article in September 2020 says that “more than half of the American adults don’t drink enough water”. Bear in mind that “too much of a good thing may not be good anymore”.


Water can prevent you from eating more

What do you and I do when feeling hungry? Yes, getting to the first burger or restaurant or opening the fridge. But you might be giving the wrong answer. Your body often mistakes thirst for hunger. When you are dehydrated, your body sends the same signal that you are hungry. So you feel like eating, but that could be a sign of dehydration.

The next time you feel hungry, try to have a glass of water. Drinking water has no side effects. When you drink water, you tend to eat less than usual. The physician nutrition specialist Melina Jampolis also proves that drinking water suppresses your appetite.

A 2014 study indicates that women who drank water 30 minutes before daily meals experienced less :

  • Body fat
  • Body mass index
  • More weight loss
  • Suppressed appetite

Drinking two cups of water seems enough to fill your stomach and tell your mind to know you are full.

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Increase your performance while doing exercise

Water is a must when you want to work out or do exercise. What does it do? It distributes electrolytes (minerals) throughout the body. Your body gets energy from these minerals to move out.

What happens if you lack the minerals? You can lead to cramping. Yet, It’s not all of it. You are dehydrated; your muscles have to break protein more quickly and build muscles slowly. So your work out will become less effective.

Your activity will increase during the exercise. You need water to help your heart and lungs. Water also helps your tissues and joints lubricate to work well. You are dehydrated, you can not work out to your best level, and you could face fatigue and cramps. Not only muscles but your inner organs could also experience cramps.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking water before and during exercise. You also need to make up for the lost water after the exercise.

Dehydration, more effective exercise, and losing more weight. This is what water will do to your exercise.

Reduce stress and weight loss

It could seem not true, but stress and hydration are related. Research indicates that dehydration can increase cortisol in your body. Why should you worry about cortisol? It’s one of the stress hormones in your body. Good hydration can decrease your stress level.

But what does stress do to weight loss? You are stressed, you might have headaches, confusion, dizziness, or fatigue. Do you think about eating healthy in this situation? You don’t have the mood to hit the gym, go walking, or cook at home. You tend to stay inactive for long to get rid of the bad feeling.

According to Harvard Medical School (HMS), research links stress and weight gain. The HMS says that “long-term stress increases cortisol that increases appetite. It raises your motivation to eat”. The higher your stress, the more likely you are to gain more calories.

The relation between drinking water and sleeping. Learn more about it.

Increase your metabolism

You drink water; your body tries to balance its temperature to itself. It has to work harder to do it when you drink more water. It’s particularly true when you drink cool or cold water. That is why you visit the bathroom more often during the cold season.

According to N Charrière research and his team on Nutrition and Diabetes, drinking water boosts your metabolism. Your body has to spend energy warming it up. It could help you burn more calories. The whole process gets called thermogenesis.

Have less calorie intake

Do you like your coffee or tea sweet? How about having a soda with lunch? How many calories does that juice you have in the evenings? It contains about 60 calories, and the soda with lunch gives you 150 calories.

To burn this extra calorie, you need to:

  • Run for ten minutes at eight mph.
  • Play soccer, volleyball, or basketball for 17 minutes
  • Hike for 22 minutes
  • Walk for 53 minutes at a regular pace.

Now you know that such drinks will increase your weight to a large extent. Do you know any other alternative not to take any extra calories from? Yes, it’s water.

A 2015 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that women who had water after meals lost more weight. Experts say that it might be due to consuming fewer carbohydrates and calories, yet more research is needed.

Note: Water can help you lose weight. But it can not do miracles for you. You should do exercise and stick to a healthy balance. Yet, don’t forget to drink enough water.

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How much water should you drink?

The amount of water you should drink per day is different for everyone. It’s up to a few factors such as your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical activity
  • Season
  • Health
  • Humidity
  • Job

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says that men need to drink 15.5 cups of water while women need 11.5 cups of water per day.

The recommended amount can increase or decrease by your conditions. You can take advice from an expert on the standard amount of daily water by your situation.

You often drink water when you feel thirsty, but you need more than that.

Remember that 80% of water intake comes from water and beverages, while the rest is from food.


How to drink more water every day?

You and I often don’t drink the water due to a hectic schedule or forgetting. Now that you know water helps you lose weight and the role of water in life. So you need strategies to drink more water.

The following tips can help you to drink more water:

  • Have water-rich food in your daily diet
  • Set alarms on your smartphone
  • Keep a bottle of water by your desk
  • Add natural flavors to plain water
  • Try alkaline or Spring Mountain water
  • Replace unhealthy beverages with water
  • Have one glass of water before meals
  • Sip water more often
  • Have one glass of water after you wake up

The above strategies are a few tips you can implement. You need to make drinking water a habit. If you like to set regular deep habits, the findings of two books can help you:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Power of habit by Charles Duhigg


What does the “Atomic Habits” book say?

James Clear says that “to implement new good habits, you need to know the rules to make them easy for yourself. You can make starting a habit easy by the following rules:

  • Make it obvious
  • Make it attractive
  • Make it easy
  • Make it satisfying

The book introduces useful stories on how to make a habit obvious or attractive. For instance, putting a bottle of water on your desk is making a habit of drinking water obvious.

If you hide the high calorie food, it’s making them uneasy.


What does the “Power of Habit” say?

Charles Duhigg brings the scientific finding on the structure of habits. He says that “to start a new habit, you should know the structure on how do habits work:

  1. Cue
  2. Routine
  3. Reward

Cue is the sign that by seeing it, you begin doing the action. It could be signs that trigger you to drink water. Routine is trying to repeat the action until it becomes part of your life. You will do it naturally. The reward is something satisfying you get or a gift for yourself. It gives you the pleasure that you repeat the action. You need to repeat the above three-cycle until a good habit becomes stable in your life.

If you wish to stop a bad habit, remove one of the above three items.


Bottom Line

Water can make you lose weight. It’s not that it holds a magical ingredient to do so. Drinking enough water starts a set of results for you that cause weight loss.

The article explained how water can help you lose weight and what it does to you. The effects of water on weight loss works like the “Compound Effect” as explained. It brings a series of good results for your body that leads to gaining less weight.

Now, let’s face the truth. Do you drink enough water? Research says we are not.

The article explained how to start drinking more water. You can fix it now. But other reasons could be the taste of tap water or no access to pure water. A water company with good results could be your answer.

Tahoe Springs Water has been one of the reliable water companies in Las Vegas since 1994. We provide high-quality alkaline, Spring Mountain, and purified water. Call us now at +702-433-4545 to order water or go through the website’s menu to find out more. We help you to stay healthy and lose weight.

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