What is Drinking Water?

Drinking Water is the water considered safe to drink. It is purified, so it does not contain any pollutants or particles. The required amount of water is different for each person. It depends on:

  • Age
  • Level of physical activity
  • Health condition
  • Environmental conditions

However, health specialists say you can find how much water you need per day. You should drink enough water not to feel hydrated.

Drinking Water in Las Vegas

The quality of water in Las Vegas has been controversial. Kidney disease has become popular in the state. The CDC says that Kidney disease has become one of the seven Common Chronic diseases in the U.S. So, more and more people tend to use purified Drinking water. It has several advantages compared to tap water.


Disadvantages of Unfiltered Water

People might say they are satisfied with the tap water. But, those using purified water say something different. People say they feel better and healthier with purified water.

Specialists mention the disadvantages of unfiltered water:

  • More bacteria
  • Pesticides
  • Particles

The Health Benefits of Healthy Drinking Water

Water determines the body’s health condition. Its health benefits are outnumbered:

  • Keeping the joints safe
  • Providing more oxygen to the body.
  • Promoting skins’ beauty and health.
  • The balanced function of the digestive system depends on healthy water.
  • Cleaning the body by sweating and urine.
  • Keeping a balanced blood pressure.
  • Preventing damage to the kidney.
  • Increasing performance during exercise.
  • Losing weight.


No one has died of tap water. However, people die of related diseases. Staying dehydrated in a hot city like Las Vegas is essential to body’s health. That is why people are moving to purified drinking water.

Tahoe's Drinking Water in Las Vegas

Tahoe Springs Water provides purified water to customers. The water goes through different stages to be healthy. The result is a better to taste without any threat to the body. The purified water passes tests to ensure its quality.

Tahoe’s Drinking water goes through these purification stages:

Water Softener

It removes any harmful particles and unnecessary minerals from Drinking Water.

Active Carbon Filtration

We utilize this method to remove chlorine and impurities.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis eliminates salt and other particles from the normal water.

Active Carbon

Another Filtration to assure there are no impurities.

Quality is the first and foremost priority for Tahoe Spring Water. We do not try our best; we do our best. Tahoe prides itself for the best and healthiest water delivery in Las Vegas since 1994. Start your service today. Please contact us or fill the form of Special Offer to get your first four bottles for free.