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What are the emotional and mental benefits of drinking water?

What are the emotional and mental benefits of drinking water

Did you know that about %70 of your mind is made of water? That jelly organ is floating in the water, which makes it work properly. You could say your mind is one of the essential parts of the body one simple dysfunction in it can influence every aspect of your body. One simple headache, and you might not be able to do anything. As your mind is in water, you would better know about the emotional and mental benefits of drinking water. That glass of water does more than relieving your thirst. You will find the answer to so many of your questions here and find useful information you can use every day.

The emotional and mental benefits of drinking water.

After you drink that glass of water, not just your thirst is quenched. So much more happens in your body, and it takes the benefits of drinking water. There are emotional and mental benefits of drinking water that you might be unaware of. You would better know them as they encourage you to drink more water.

You might ask how knowing about the benefits encourage you to drink water. This is the point I learned from “Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business.” This is a book by Charles Duhigg. He is a Pulitzer winner and has another book on self-development called “The Power of Habit”.

Dugigg explains that when you remind yourself of the “why” of doing something, you get encouraged to do it.

My job involves sitting and writing. It’s a bit hard to stick to this chair and write thousands of words. But when I remind myself that my salary at the end of the month is up to this sitting for the long term, I can stand it.

When you know “why” you are doing something or why you have to do it, you are more likely to do it.

So, you should know about drinking water’s emotional and mental benefits. As the saying goes, in the world of distractions,  staying focused is the key to happiness and success. Improve your mind with that glass of water.


Hydration decreases the risk of anxiety.

Several studies indicate that there is a strong connection or link between drinking water and anxiety.

According to Fahimeh Haghighatdoost and her team’s research, people who drink enough water face a lower risk of anxiety and depression. The study is called “Drinking plain water is linked with decreased risk of depression and anxiety in adults” and was published in 2018. The team got the result from studying over 3.000 people.

The study also revealed that anxiety was stronger in people that didn’t drink enough water.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety include but are not limited to:

  • headaches,
  • fatigue,
  • irritability,

These signs are with dehydration as well, and there could be a correlation.


Better hydration improves your mood.

According to Nathalie Pross, Agnès Demazières, and their team research, people who drink enough water feel happier.

The research is named “Effects of Changes in Water Intake on Mood of High and Low Drinkers” and was published in 2014, If you want to find out more or read the article.

The researchers decreased the water intake in the participants, and people felt “less calm, less content, and more tense when their water intake dropped.”

The brain is the major controller of the body. All the instructions and things you have to come from the mind. Its condition impacts the other parts, and there is a close connection.

Did you know that more than %70 your brain is made of water? What happens if this amount of water is decreased? Of course, its function will be impacted and changed.  The study by Fahimeh Haghighatdoost that we mentioned above also says that dehydration leads to depression as well. The men drank less than two cups of water per day and the depression rate increased by %73.

There is another study that looked at the effect of hydration on women. Its name is “Mild Dehydration Affects Mood in Healthy Young Women,” and it was conducted by Lawrence E. Armstrong, Matthew S. Ganio, and their team members.

The result was headaches due to dehydration and also a change in mood. The women had trouble concentrating and had difficulty completing their tasks.


Drinking enough water could make you happier.

Marketing research firm OnePoll conducted research on the relationship between hydration and happiness. They study 2.000 participants. About %41 of people who drank six and more glasses of water said that they were happy. This is while only %12 of people who drank less than one glass of water a day said they had the same feeling as the first group.

The participants who drank six or more glasses of water were more optimistic this is while the figure for the group who drank less than one glass per day was only %10.

The conclusion can be that hydration and happiness are related. But this doesn’t mean you drink several glasses of water and hope to be the happiest person in the room. Hydration is only one of the factors that determine your happiness, and there are so many more factors.


Hydration improves physical performance.

According to Mental Health Foundation, “physical health problems increase your risk of developing mental health problems.’ Mental problems have the same effect on your body as well. The source indicates that about one in every three people with long-term physical health conditions suffer from a mental health problem.

Studies say that if you are dehydrated, your physical health or performance can suffer. One of the primary reasons for afternoon slumps is dehydration. Try it one time and drink enough water for your day in the morning. See if you feel better in the afternoon or not. If the third coffee is not working on you and you are still tired, the reason could be dehydration. But remember that there are several reasons for fatigue and tiredness.

Even %2 of dehydration can decrease your physical performance. This is particularly true with athletes and people who work out seriously.

You should watch your hydration in hot seasons. Also, you might get dehydrated in cold seasons as well.

Cold weather makes you visit the bathroom, and you might get dehydrated. So make sure you drink enough water.

One of the emotional and mental benefits of drinking water is that both factors improve together, and your general health can be improved.


Hydration can stop and treat headaches.

Headaches comes from your head and mind. If something is wrong with your head, you get headaches and might not need to study or research.

One of the reasons for a headache could be dehydration. There are two separate studies that prove the results; the study of Naila A. Shaheen and her team and the study of DeAnn Liska and his team.

A headache is one of the major reasons for dehydration.

The result of some research says that drinking enough water can reduce headaches in people who suffer from it regularly.

The study by Mark Spigt and his team says that headache in men who drank enough water was improved. The study also revealed that hydration improves migration symptoms.

Some research indicates that more research is needed, but there is nothing wrong with drinking water. Try and determine if your headaches are reduced by drinking enough water or not.


The bottom line for the emotional and mental benefits of drinking water.

Drinking water has so many benefits for your mind and the body. The article brought you to what water does to your mind. There are so many features and benefits that you cannot ignore them. You should remember the emotional and mental benefits of drinking water the end time you drink that glass of water.

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