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Filtered spring water or distilled; benefits & difference. 

Filtered spring water or distilled; benefits & difference. 

You open the tap water and sip it, but the taste is not good. What is a better option? Spring water comes from nature, and it sounds good. But is filtered spring water good? You might have some questions about the filtration and distillation process. Tahoe Springs Water answers all of your questions.

Is bottled spring water filtered?

Yes, spring water is filtered. In recent years, filtered spring water has become a popular drink. People care about their health and watch out for what they eat and drink. The source of the spring water is natural, like springs and rivers. Before processing, it passes a filtration process to ensure removing large particles and debris, and it fulfills the safety standards. The filtration process and method vary by company. But they have to make sure it’s healthy and safe.

The source of the filtered spring water might be contaminated. For instance, if an animal dies in water, the body can contaminate water after some time.

The filtration process is different in water companies. This is the process in Tahoe Springs Water Company:

  1. Microfilter
  2. Microfilter
  3. Ultraviolet Light
  4. Ozonization

There is also purified water, but the filtration process is more comprehensive to remove a wider range of impurities.

Spring bottled water is a safe and healthy source to ensure your hydration. If you drink spring water directly from nature, you should ask the local officials or people about its safety. If you want to get spring water for the long term, you can have it tested by a lab to make sure of its safety.

Is spring water filtered or distilled?

Spring water comes from nature, like a spring or underground. It passes rocks and stones, which remove some impurities known for their taste and health benefits. Filtered spring water is filtered by water companies and passes some filtration stages to make sure of its health and safety.

Filtered spring water is filtered, but it doesn’t go through an extensive filtration process. For instance, in Tahoe Springs Water, filtered spring water goes through Microfilter, Microfilter, Ultraviolet Light, and Ozonization stages.

On the other hand, distilled water passes a rigorous filtration process. The process is often known as distillation. Water is boiled and condensed back into liquid. It removes impurities, minerals, and contaminants.

Filtered spring water is healthy to drink and can be a good hydration source if tap water doesn’t taste good in your area. But distilled water is used in certain situations, such as for medical purposes and where the absolute absence of minerals and impurities is essential.

Is drinking spring water the same as filtered water?

There is no right definite answer to this question. Spring water comes from nature and a natural source like a river, underground water, or a spring. It is healthy and safe to drink if the source is not contaminated. It can be contaminated naturally and artificially. You should make sure before drinking spring water from a natural source.

Filtered spring water provided by water companies is safe to drink. It passes some tests and filtration processes.

Filtered water can come from different sources; tap water, spring water, etc., but it passes filtration processes and is up to the final process. The filtration procedure can vary by company and the purpose of getting filtered water. For instance, distilled water can be filtered water but passes rigorous filtration and is used for medical purposes.

If you suffer from a particular medical condition, you’d better consult with a health expert about your hydration and water types.

Is spring water clean water?

Yes, spring water is clean water, and you can drink it. Filtered spring water is completely safe and healthy to drink. It passes a few stages of filtration to make sure it is clean. Water is regulated, and the federal government regulates it.

But if you drink spring water from nature, you should ensure it’s healthy and clean. Spring water in nature might be contaminated, and you do not know. So it might not be clean to drink.

This is true for campers and mountain climbers or people who spend time in nature.

Is spring water tap water?

The source of tap water and spring water is nature. Tap water can come from various sources like:

  • rivers,
  • lakes,
  • reservoirs,
  • or groundwater.

According to Las Vegas Valley Water District, 90% of tap water in Las Vegas comes from the Colorado River from the Rocky Mountains. Then it passes treatment facilities in the city to make it safe and healthy for people’s consumption. The treatment process is up to the facilities but often involves:

  • coagulation,
  • sedimentation,
  • filtration,
  • disinfection

These stages remove impurities, bacteria, and other harmful substances. Tap water is completely safe to drink and is regulated by the related authority in the area you live in. But the taste and safety standards vary depending on the location and infrastructure. In some areas, tap water might not taste good, like in Las Vegas, and people tend to drink filtered spring water or other options. Spring water originates from underground springs, where it naturally flows to the surface.

You can get it from nature or from the water companies. Filtered spring water passes a few purification stages to make sure it’s safe and healthy.

It’s up to your preferences and budget to pick filtered spring water or tap water.

Is all spring water drinkable?

Not all spring water is drinkable. Filtered spring water from water companies is safe to drink as it passes purification stages and tests to make sure it is healthy. It comes from nature and is a natural source.

But if you want to drink spring water directly from nature, you should make sure it is healthy. There is no regulation or test by authorities to ensure its health. So it is your responsibility to check it.

One situation that can contaminate spring water is the dead animal’s bodies in the source. After some time, it contaminates the spring water.

If you spend time in nature, go camping, or mountain climbing, check the water sources in the area.

Is spring water cleaner than tap water?

There is no definite answer, and it depends on various factors. If you get filtered spring water from a reliable water company, it could be cleaner than tap water as it passes further filtration and tests.

But if you get spring water directly from nature, it might not be clean or even contaminated. You should make sure of its health by asking local people or related officials.

Also, in some areas, the taste of tap water might not be good, like in Las Vegas. Tap water is safe to drink, but the taste might not be that good. It could lead to not drinking water. Filtered spring water can be a good cause to drink enough water and ensure your hydration.

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