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How to choose a good water delivery service?

choose a good water delivery

 You come back home tired and thirsty, get a glass and fill it with the tap water, oh god, it tastes terrible. This is the same problem people might have of course the residents of Las Vegas. To avoid such experiences and guarantee hydration, people turn to water delivery services. But which one is appropriate for you?

Tahoe Springs Water explains why you need water delivery services, the benefits, the features of a good water delivery company and how to choose it. 


Why do you need water delivery service?

Although we live in a civilized modern society, we ignore a few simple facts and truths. Hydration is one of them. The results of studies are indicating the importance of hydration more than any time. You don’t drink enough water, there will be heavy consequences in the short and long term. Headaches, fatigue, and a weakened immune system are some of the basic results of dehydration.

One of the reasons people don’t drink enough water could be the taste of tap water. In some areas, the taste is bad, although it’s 100% safe to drink. Las Vegas is one of these areas that people don’t like the taste of and rely on water delivery.

People are relying on water delivery for hydration more than before. It’s one of the best ways to avoid dehydration.

According to the New York Post,” more than half of the Americans don’t drink enough water per day. They are either too busy or don’t track their drinking water. The article revealed that only 22% of the US population drink the recommended amount of water by the USDA. That’s the primary reason you need water delivery to ensure your hydration at home and work.


The benefits of water delivery service

People are turning to water delivery more than before these days. A few of the benefits are as follows;


Boosting your health

The major benefit of water delivery is better health for you and your family. The taste of tap water might not be good in your city or area like Las Vegas. So it could lead to not drinking enough water and dehydration. Water delivery provides healthy drinking water. Health experts report that there are serious health threats due to dehydration, such as:

  • Seizures
  • Kidney problems
  • Heat injuries
  • Low blood volume shock
  • Depression
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Constipation
  • Joint Complications
  • Fainting, loss of consciousness.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Red, hot, dry skin
  • Fatigue

Water delivery can be a healthy cause to drink enough water and avoid dehydration. Science proves the idea. James Clear, the New York Times best seller author of “Atomic Habits”, explains in his book how to start developing constructive habits and prevent destructive habits. The one way to start good habits for yourself is to make it obvious. So what is the way to make water obvious at home? Yes, the blue water bottles are filled with healthy and high-quality water.


Increased work performance

A study by the University of East London indicates that productivity at work increases by drinking water. In addition, the studies revealed that your brain is better able to concentrate on tasks after you drink enough water.

You are thirsty; your brain constantly sends the message of thirst to the body, bothering it. You drink water, your mind releases the tension and sets the tension resources free. It will increase your ability to think, function and perform better.

The bottled water in the corner of the office is the reason not to get dehydrated at work. If you are still working from home, the beautiful bottled water filled with healthy water from a reliable water company could provide concentration and productivity you need.


Water or caffeinated drinks

How many cups of the caffeinated drink have you had, today or this week? They do increase your energy and concentration but also make you visit the bathroom more often.

Your body loses more water which might not be replaced. So you need to consider hydration if you drink caffeinated drinks. In Turkey, when the coffee was served, there was a cup of water aside. It’s being said that one reason was to avoid dehydration along with the customs related to it.

The one companion of coffee, tea, and sugary drinks is snacks. They have become part of our offices. You need to know that the body can mistake thirst with hunger. The next time you want to pick a biscuit, think if you have taken enough water so far or not. You drink enough water; you will feel less hungry. The snacks and junk food might be unhealthy and won’t have a good influence on your health.

Air conditioning is an inevitable part of the office. They do keep the office’s cool and help prevent health-related problems. However, they tend to create an atmosphere with less moisture. It is particularly true if the system is not working properly and it’s not well maintained—the condition leads to further dehydration.

Water delivery with good taste can encourage you to drink enough water in the area that dehydration seems inevitable.


Increase your energy

An article published in the New York Post indicates that “drinking water can make you feel happier”. The study shed light on the fact that the Americans who drank enough water felt happier. They also had more energy to complete tasks. People also evaluated their success rate higher when they drank enough water.

If you’re feeling down a bit, surfing Youtube or Instagram might not be your solution. You just need a glass of water to feel happier and energetic again.

This is why water delivery is a good idea as it encourages you to drink water and enjoy its many benefits. The bottled water on your desk is a healthy cause right from nature to increase your energy and mood.


Better brain function

The results of research published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed the fact that even 1.4 of dehydration leads to

  • Headaches,
  • Lower concentration,
  • Increased perception of task difficulty,
  • A degraded mood

A job that keeps you sedentary at your disk under cool temperature doesn’t mean you don’t need water. On the contrary, you need to drink enough water to ensure your brain is working properly.


Avoid afternoon slumps

According to an article by Sleep Foundation, the afternoon slump could be due to;

  • A Carb-Heavy Lunch
  • Sitting still for a few hours
  • The temperature of your body has dropped
  • You are dehydrated

Health experts say that even a slight amount of dehydration can cause fatigue. Water delivery can be a great encouragement to drink water and avoid afternoon slumps.


Access to different range of water options

Water delivery provides access to different types of water. For example, you can receive spring water, purified drinking water or alkaline water by your taste and financial preferences. Each water type provides different features and benefits.

For instance, alkaline water:

  • Provides better hydration 
  • Boosting metabolism.
  • Helping digestion.
  • Help you lose weight 
  • Keeps blood pressure balanced


Save you a lot of time

Your water arrives at your house or office whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry or spend time buying the water you need. Instead of getting to the store once or twice a week to pick up the heavy bottle of water, it comes straight to your door, and you don’t have to do much work.

You can choose when and where to have your water delivered, and you can change it whenever you want.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of going shopping. You might think of the saved time as a few hours, but it’s much more.

Think of the time you are working but are still worried about the trouble of going shopping and getting all you want. The stress that you might not even notice could influence your job and productivity.

This stress and worry could influence your work result. One bad day at work could ruin the evening with family, and you end up exhausted and depressed by the time you are in bed. The next morning, you are not the energetic person you woke up to yesterday. It’s the compound effect that Daren Hardy explains in his book very well.

Best water delivery service features

When you want to pick a water delivery, try to consider the following options:


The source of water

It would be wise to know the source of water. It will make a huge difference in the health and taste of water. For instance, The source of Tahoe Springs Water spring water is the Sierra Mountains in California. It provides “drinking water to 23 million of Nevada Residents”.


Background of the company

How long has the water delivery company been working in the area? Ensure they have a good reputation and background for their service. For example, Tahoe Springs Water has provided water delivery service in Las Vegas since 1994.


The result of water tests

Determine if you can find the results of the water tests or not. It’s important to know where the water is tested and what are the results. Then, you can make sure there is nothing wrong with the results. You can see the water quality reports of Tahoe Springs Water.


Purification stages

Water delivery companies pass water through purification stages to make sure it’s safe and healthy for consumption. Finding out some information on it is also helpful and clarifies the companies’ policies.

Water in Tahoe Springs Water passes the following purification stages:

  • Microfilter
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Ozonization


Long term obligation

Companies might encourage you to sign a long term contract on water delivery and provide discounts. They are a bad option for you if you are not satisfied with the water quality or taste or want to move from the area. However, there could be some advantages as well.

Tahoe Springs Water provides no long term contract or obligation. We begin the delivery service when you want and stop it as soon as you demand.


What is the best water delivery service?

There are wide and different benefits with water delivery that makes it almost necessary for your life or office. For example, you could ensure your hydration and avoid the heavy consequences of not drinking enough water. 

By all the definitions and explanations, Tahoe Springs Water is the best water delivery service in Las Vegas. 

We have provided the best alkaline, purified, and spring water in the area since 1994. We have also been providing water coolers to the residents since then. 

Go through the menu of the website to know more about our products. Order your water now from the best water delivery service by contacting us at +702-903-1433.

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Is it worthy that I get water delivery?

Yes, you can receive the best quality of water to ensure hydration.

What water option should I pick to get delivered?

Read the features of each water option and pick by your preferences.

How much water should get delivered?

It’s up to the family, and size and consumption by 4-5 are often enough.

Is bottled water safe to drink?

Yes, the water goes through tests and screens to ensure quality and safety.

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