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How to encourage your boss over a water cooler in the office?

How to encourage your boss over a water cooler in the office

Lately, you are feeling tired more than before and It’s affecting your efficiency or even your personal life. Burned out in the afternoon and the third coffee is not working on you, the splitting headaches begin then. What are the reasons? It might be due to dehydration. But is it serious? The researches show that dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and decrease your efficiency at work. As the taste of tap water is not very good, a water cooler could help to solve all the issues. But how to encourage the boss to get one?

The article explains the effects of dehydration on your work and health and tells you what advantages a water cooler can have for staff and the company. You will have convincing reasons to get the boss to have a water coolder.

Why do you need a water cooler in your office?

The water cooler has become an inevitable part of every office these days. You may have watched the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” which explains the real story of Chris Gardner the successful American businessman who was poor and had nowhere to go. He explains that during the internship programs, he didn’t drink water from the water cooler to save time and make more phone calls.

It might have worked in a movie or motivational speech, but the real world is different. If you don’t drink enough water every day, you could face heavy health issues.

In case your boss still doesn’t agree to have a water cooler in your office, the following reasons can help you to encourage him/her to have one and benefit from hydration advantages.


It helps concentration and boosts productivity

A water cooler in the office can be really beneficial. For every one of us, there are moments when we are exhausted at work or fail to finish a simple task. The exception is if you recently had a dreadful night’s sleep. The negative effects of dehydration on focus, productivity, and energy levels can be significant. The body’s dehydration results in both heart rate and body temperature increasing, thus leading to the experience of pain and headaches, which negatively affects the capacity to focus and work consistently.

The NHS recommends that people drink around 8 glasses of water (1.2 liters) every day to maintain hydration. A water cooler quick hot and cold water with just touching a button, enabling employees to prevent dehydration at the first sign of getting dehydrated. We should put down the sweets and energy drinks and instead pick up a revitalizing glass of water to boost our alertness and memory function in the middle of the day.


Hydration Promotes Health

If you are well hydrated, your physical performance will improve. Staying hydrated will help you perform physical performances better.

This is especially critical when taking part in strenuous activity or while working in hot weather.

You lose 2% of your body’s water content and It can significantly affect your performance. Despite this, it’s not unusual for athletes to lose 6 to 10 percent of their water weight through sweat.

In addition, hydration has a great impact on your brain function and energy levels.


Dehydration affects your brain function.

Several features of brain function are impaired by even minor dehydration, Such as losing 1–3 percent of body weight.

In a study on young women, researchers discovered that fluid loss of 1.4 percent after exercise weakens the mood and focus. It also made headaches more frequent as well.


It May help in the prevention and treatment of headaches

Migraines and headaches can be caused by dehydration in certain people.

According to Healthline, a headache is one of the most common signs of dehydration. A research on 393 individuals, 40 percent of the subjects reported suffering from headaches due to dehydration.


Beneficial for losing weight

Drinking enough water might help you to lose weight.

Because water can make you feel full and accelerate your metabolism, it’s better to drink it before meals. It is possible that increasing water intake can enhance weight loss by increasing the metabolism in your body a little bit, leading to an increase in calories you burn on an everyday basis.

In a 2013 study done by CHC in more than 50 overweight (obese) young women, it was proven that drinking an extra 16.9 ounces (500 mL) of water three times a day before the time of dinner for eight consistent weeks resulted in significant decreases in body weight and body fat compared with pre-study measures.


Saves space

There is a never-ending fight for room in the communal fridge. Whether it is only the water filter jug collecting dust in the corner or water bottles and lunch boxes, workplace fridge space is a precious commodity. That’s without discussing social distancing and how it applies to storing personal goods due to the outbreak.

The water cooler is a space-saving device in the office. On top of that, since you no longer need your office kettle’s services, you now have more countertop space in the office and fewer unpleasant wires to worry about, making your office kitchen look much tidier when the next customer arrives.


Promote water cooler conversations

Water cooler chat can be beneficial for a company because of the following reasons:

  1. It makes people less reserved.
  2. Better staff retention is achieved through water cooler conversation.
  3. This device provides casual contact with management.
  4. Conversations around the water cooler can increase teamwork.
  5. Water cooler chat increases efficiency.
  6. It helps staff members be healthy.
  7. It generates fantastic ideas and answers.
  8. It helps people who are a bit remote from others to socialize.
  9. Employees’ engagement enhances with water cooler conversation.

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Let’s sum up…

The water cooler in the corner of the office seems to do more than just providing water. As explained in the article, hydration is essential for employees’ performance and staying healthy. Fatigue, headaches, the desire to eat more are a few consequences of dehydration. You can avoid all of them with a water cooler and benefit from its many advantages.

If your CEO doesn’t agree, the provided information in this article will help you to convince him/her.

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