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What Age Can Infants Drink Spring Water?

What Age Can Infants Drink Spring Water

Parents always seek the best for their infants. One area in particular is their diet and hydration. One common question that arises is: ” At what age can infants drink spring water?” This article aims to explore the topic of spring water for infants and provide valuable insights into whether or not spring water is safe for your little ones.

Can Infants Drink Spring Water?

Let’s dive into it: Is Springwater OK for babies? It’s generally recommended not to give babies spring water or any other type of water, especially under 6 months. The best bottled water for babies to drink is not giving them water under 6 months. Breastfeeding or giving formula is the best thing for an infant at this age. The minerals in spring water might be too much for their developing kidneys.

Babies can drink natural spring water when they are older infants and toddlers, but make sure it’s safe and free of contaminants. Always check with a doctor before changing a baby’s diet or introducing spring water.

At What Age Can Infants Drink Spring Water?

Introducing new kinds of water to kids is important since their digestive systems are still developing. When they are 6 months old, you can start using spring water for infants. When babies are this age, they start eating and drinking things besides breast milk and formula.

Let’s dive more and see at what age can infants drink spring water:

  • Infants (0-6 months). As mentioned, giving spring water to babies at this age is not a good idea.
  • Older Infants (6-12 months). As mentioned, at 6 months, they can start drinking water in small amounts. You can use spring water, but ideally, it should be fluoride-infused if the primary water source isn’t fluoridated. It shouldn’t be too much (a few ounces a day) since breast milk or formula will still be the main source of hydration and nutrition.
  • Toddlers (1-3 years). Spring water is safe for kids at this stage. It’s important to monitor the water’s quality and make sure it doesn’t replace calcium- and vitamin D-rich milk.
  • Preschoolers (3-5 years). Spring water is safer for preschoolers. Establishing healthy hydration habits is important, with water being the main source.
  • School-Age Children (6 years and older). Spring water is safe for children at this age, just like it is for adults. Keeping hydrated is important, especially considering their activity level, especially for overall health.

Is Spring Water Safe for Newborns?

Is spring water bad for babies? Honestly, using spring water for infants is generally not considered safe. Aside from their undeveloped kidneys, introducing any type of water at this early stage can disrupt their nutrient balance and potentially lead to health issues.

A newborn’s digestive system might have trouble digesting spring water since it can contain minerals and other stuff. No matter how natural or pure the water is, it could still have contaminants that could harm a baby.

Can Infants Drink Bottled Spring Water?

In terms of bottled spring water and infants, again, you should not give them spring water, even if it is bottled. Once your baby starts having solid foods (6-12 months), you can start the introduction of bottled water in small amounts. When they are over 12 months, you can add Las Vegas bottled spring water as a part of their hydration, provided it’s free of contaminants.

Can Infants Drink Spring Water with Formula?

Yes, using spring water for baby formula is possible, but there are important considerations to keep in mind before adding spring water for baby formula:

  • Water Quality and Safety. Make sure the spring water is clean. Generally, bottled spring water is safe, but check for advisories or recalls.
  • No Added Fluoride. It is common for bottled spring water to not contain fluoride. Fluoride isn’t essential for babies, especially if they’re getting fluoride from other sources.
  • Mineral Content. Take a look at the mineral content of the spring water. Some spring waters with high levels of minerals aren’t good for babies, especially in the beginning.
  • Boiling Water for Young Infants. When mixing formula with water for babies under 6 months, it’s often recommended to boil the water first, then let it cool. Any bacteria will be eliminated this way.
  • Consulting a Pediatrician. Check with your pediatrician before using spring water for baby formula, especially if you have a newborn or a young baby. Depending on the baby’s health and the water quality in your area, they can give you advice.
  • Ready-to-Use Formula as an Alternative. Ready-to-use formulas without water can be a convenient option for parents concerned about water quality.

Is Distilled Water Better Than Spring Water for Babies?

Distilled water is often considered safer for babies because it is free from impurities, minerals, and contaminants. This makes this type of water ideal for mixing baby formula. Spring water, however, contains natural minerals that can be beneficial, but it may also have varying levels of other substances. Always consult your baby’s pediatrician to choose the best water for your baby’s needs and ensure it meets water safety standards and is suitable for infant consumption.

Can Infants Drink Spring Water During Pregnancy?

Infants do not drink water during pregnancy; it is the mother who drinks the water. Pregnant mothers can drink spring water. However, pregnant mothers must make sure the water is safe and free from contaminants. They must consult with their healthcare providers to make sure the spring water they choose meets safety standards and provides the necessary minerals without any harmful substances. Safe hydration is crucial for both the mother and the developing baby.

Can I Drink Spring Water While Breastfeeding?

Yes, you, as a breastfeeding mother, can drink spring water while breastfeeding. However, you must ensure the spring water is from a safe and reputable source, free from contaminants. Staying on top of the hydrate goals is essential for breastfeeding mothers since it helps maintain milk supply and overall health. If you are not certain about the quality of the spring water, consult your healthcare provider to ensure it is safe for both you and your baby.

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Using spring water for infants can be a suitable choice, but it is important to know at what age can infants drink spring water. For an informed decision, it is essential to understand the specific mineral content of the water, consult a pediatrician, and ensure the water is pure.

It’s important to keep in mind that every baby has a different hydration need, so what works for one might not work for another. Seek professional advice when in doubt about your health and well-being.


Can babies drink 100% natural spring water?

Drinking 100% natural spring water isn’t recommended for babies, especially under 6 months.

Can a 6-month-old drink bottled spring water?

6-month-olds can drink bottled spring water in small amounts, but make sure it’s safe and clean.

Can you use spring water for a baby bottle?

You can use spring water for a baby bottle, but it should be boiled and cooled first. Water should be clean and free of contaminants.

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