Is Spring Mountain Water Better than Purified Drinking Water?

Is spring mountain water better than purified drinking water?

You hear a lot that Spring Mountain Water better than purified drinking water. But is there really a difference? Which one should you choose to have a healthy lifestyle?

This article takes a look at the benefits of Springwater and purified water, the differences, and gives you an insight on which one to pick.


How much water should you drink?

You need water for almost everything you do. If you’ve heard that two-thirds of your body is water, it’s true. The amount of daily water your body needs depends on your:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Physical activity
  • Season
  • Health condition

According to the NASEM, men need to drink 15.5 cups, and women need 11.5 cups of fluids per day.

About 80% of your fluid intake should be water, and the rest is from other beverages and food. The amount can increase or decrease by your conditions mentioned above.

As people may not like the taste of tap water, they switch to purified water or spring water. But, what are their differences?


Spring Mountain Water

Nature produces the Spring Mountain Water. The perfect water is purified through rock and stone that is free of any impurity or unhealthy particles. It holds the natural minerals to keep your body healthy and fit.

Source of the Spring Mountain water

The point to remember about the spring water is its source. Make it clear where the water company gets the Spring Water.

Aside from the source, ensure about the quality tests. Although Spring Water holds several benefits, it might be contaminated. So quality tests become necessary. For instance, Tahoe Springs Water performs the following tests for its Spring Water:

  • Microfilter
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Ozonization


The benefits of Spring Mountain Water

Spring mountain water can provide you the health benefits of nature. You should know that your body needs about 410 milligrams of magnesium every day. Do you know a daily rich source of magnesium? Yes, it’s Spring mountain water.

You might be wondering why you need magnesium. Your body needs the magnesium to:

  • Keep your bones strong
  • Improve your immune system
  • Have a balanced rhythm with your heart
  • Provide more nutrients
  • Bring more oxygen to the body
  • Balance your pH level

The other benefits of Spring Water include but are not limited to provide more oxygen to your body and brain, have better digestion, and keep a healthy weight.

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Purified Drinking Water

Purified water comes from processing and filtering water through various stages. When it gets processed, the impurities get filtered, and pure water molecules remain. The result will be safer water for consumption.

Water can go through different processing stages. Tahoe Springs Water conducts the following tests:

  • Water Softener
  • Active Carbon Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Active Carbon

Thanks to the above purification steps, Tahoe makes sure of its water quality. We also take regular tests to ensure water quality.


Benefits of Purified Drinking Water

The AZBig Media speaks highly of the benefits of purified water as follows:

  • Removing unpleasant taste
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Better food digestion
  • Strengthening your Body

The above benefits are the only ones. Purified water has a better taste, which leads to more hydration. Some people don’t drink enough water as they don’t like the taste of tap water.

Spring mountain water or purified drinking water; which one to choose?

Tap water in the US is safe to drink, but you may not like its taste. Spring Mountain water or purified drinking water both holds several benefits. Which one to choose is a matter of:

  • Access
  • Personal preference
  • Budget
  • Your doctor’s recommendation
  • Health condition

You are the one to choose Spring water or purified water. One will work for you depending on your conditions. The choice for the price is up to your budget.


Bottom line

Tahoe Springs Water provided you a guideline for the differences between Spring water and purified drinking water. As you saw, there isn’t much difference and the two types hold several benefits. Health experts can not agree on which one is better. The choice is up to you.

If you like to change tap water to better taste water, the Spring Mountain Water and Purified Water are the two healthy options available.

Tahoe Springs Water has been a well-known water supplier in Las Vegas since 1994. Give us a call at (702) 623-9823 to order the water you want to form our water options; alkaline, purified, and spring water.

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