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Lemon water benefits; the 5 scientific tips you need to know

Lemon water benefits; the 5 scientific tips you need to know

The funeral ceremony for Secretary of State Catherine Durant in her house. Most important political figures attended even the Russian president Viktor Petrov.  The guests drink lemon water. “House of Cards,” season eight. The prima sample for using lemon water. Taking advantage of lemon water benefits might have crossed your mind. Its benefits is like the controversy over the bottled water. But is it beneficial a common fact?

The below text tries to bring the scientific findings on lemon water in simple language. It will tell you whether you should take it or avoid it.


What are the Lemon water benefits?

You hear people talking about lemon water benefits a lot. Yet, the article provides you the what experts have found through research.


1. More hydration

Increasing hydration is one of the lemon water benefits.

According to the New York Post report,” More than half of the American adults don’t drink enough water.” Why? The report says they are:

  • Busy
  • Forget it, or
  • Don’t track water consumption


The study investigated 2,000 US citizens. It revealed that 22% of people follow the 8-10 glass per day recommended by USDA.

You can add another item to the above ones; taste. You might not like the taste of water. That’s why your friend has switched to drinking alkaline water. Have you seen your colleague with bottled water on her/his desk?

James Clear, the author of Atomic habits, says that making a new habit concrete is a way of sticking to it. One of the lemon water benefits is to create a cause to drink enough water.

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2. Better skin quality

Not every scientific study may prove the benefits of lemon water. However, one thing is definite. The more your skin loses moisture, the drier it becomes. Wrinkles are inevitable.

A study on ScienceDirect shows that citrus-based drinks can help prevent the development of wrinkles.

Dr. S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, a dermatologist, also says that “lemon can increase the purification abilities of skin and other cells.”

Lemon is a rich source of citrus. Not only keeping your skin smooth and elastic but also;

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduce your risk of kidney stones
  • May help protect or fight against cancer
  • Benefit heart health by improving cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure.
  • May help boost brain function and protect the brain from neurodegenerative disorders.


3. Boost your energy

Have you ever had a dead battery experience? To jump-start the car, you need jumper cables. Vitamin C to your immune system is like the jumper cables to your car. What is a naturally rich source of Vitamin C? Lemon, of course.

According to studies, vitamin C is a natural source of antioxidants. Several experiments have proven it.

The antioxidant of vitamin C will boost your energy level. Your body can use the antibacterial and antiviral features of lemon as well. You can avoid coffee after 5 p.m so as to have a good night’s sleep.


4. Aid your digestion system

Your stomach contains acid to break down food. That’s why there are lots of them. If you have problems with your digestion, lemons’ acid can help you get rid of it.

As you know, the acid levels of your stomachs tend to decline by getting older. Water will help you eliminate constipation symptoms, while lemon stimulates digestion and helps eliminate waste.

You can use the lemon water benefits by hot or cold water in the morning. Yet, determine which one works for you. Your body might have a different reaction to it. It’s different for everyone.


5. Reduce the risk of Kidney stones

How do kidney stones are created? They are mineral build-ups forming in kidneys. The most common part of kidney stones is calcium oxalate.

Most common treatment? Citrate.

Citrate makes kidneys less acidic and might break up the small stones.

The NCBI article’s to Medical and Dietary Therapy for Kidney Stone Prevention recommends increasing citrate level for kidney stones. Increase the amount of citrate, decrease the risk of kidney stones.

Lemon is full of citrate. The article on Dietary treatment of urinary risk factors shows that citrus fruits will increase your citrate level. You can decrease the risk of kidney stones.

Keep in mind that not drinking enough water will lead to kidney stones. So, lemon water benefits are two birds, one stone for your kidneys.


Lemon water benefits in the morning

Before you begin taking advantage of lemon water benefits, consult with your doctor. He/she might not recommend it by your conditions.

No two bodies might be the same. So, lemon water may not work on your body. If you don’t feel well after drinking, consult with your doctor, or determine what the cause is.

In case you face no side effect, see what good it will do to you:

  • A laxative to prevent constipation.
  • Aid digestive system moving.
  • Hydration by the better taste of water.
  • Get rid of dry throat
  • Eliminate bad smell
  • More energy or stamina
  • Making you fixed on daily healthy habits


As explained, there might not be enough scientific research on lemon water benefits in the morning. Yet, you can figure out if it works for you or not.

Water benefits

Add healthy gains of water to the benefits of lemon water. Water is essential for your body as it makes 70% of it. One common reason to drink lemon water is to drink more water. When you have your drink, bear in mind the benefits of water:

  • Weight loss
  • Optimize mood and memory
  • Digestive health
  • Better Exercise performance


Are there side effects of lemon water?

Mostly, lemon water is safe to drink and poses no risk. Yet, it might not work for a few people.

Its citric acid might destroy your tooth enamel. You can use a straw to avoid this. Washing your mouth or diluting lemon in more water can help.

Although lemon can help digestion, it could cause heartburn for a few people. If you feel it after lemon water, you can say it’s bad for you.

In case you face other symptoms, consult with your doctor.


How to make lemon water?

You don’t need to follow a precise formula to make lemon water. Just add the lemon with the peel or its juice inside the water. The common recipe is half of a lemon with a glass of water. Yet, be careful not to make it very sour. You need your teeth enamel.

To get the most advantages, try to use fresh lemon if possible.

Some add other flavors such as mint or orange. It’s a matter of your taste.


Hot water or cold water?

No one knows exactly. The temperature of lemon water is a controversial topic. Experts argue over it and have reached no point.

Determine which one is better for you. As the balance is a good thing in everything, figure out how it is with the lukewarm.

We often stop taking action due to the need for learning. Often the best way to learn is through action. I learned it from James Clear, as well.


Is it fine to drink lemon water every day?

There won’t seem to be a problem with drinking lemon water every day. Yet, you need to be careful with heartburn and teeth. As explained, the citric acid in lemon might destroy the enamel on your teeth. So, try not to go too much with it. One or often two glasses per day seem enough.



Water lemon can help decrease the risk of kidney stones, help your digestion, and increase your stamina. They are not all its benefits. Yet, science is behind them. The future may bring about further results.

The new scientific studies show lemon water benefits your health. It also reveals who needs to be careful of it. If you feel heartburn, consult with your doctor or avoid it.

If you don’t believe the lemon water benefits, you still have faith in water and its quality. Lemon water can be a good reason to drink enough water and stay hydrated. To stay hydrated, you need high-quality water as well.

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