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Pet hydration; This is What You Need to Know

Pet hydration

Do you pay as much attention as you can while getting food for your pet? You have every right to do so. You always remember to give the right food to your pet. But did you know that pet hydration is as important as food? You care about food, but you should know that the quality of water has an impact on the life of your pet.

Tahoe Spring Water provides what you need to know about pet hydration, the symptoms it might be dehydrated, and strategies to prevent dehydration.


Why is pet hydration important?

About 60-70 percent of your body is made of water. But 80% of your pet’s body is made of water. Just like humans, the animals need to drink enough water every day to keep their bodies working.

Animals need water to:

  • Circulate blood
  • Digest food
  • Regulate body temperature

The above list is not all of it. Animals need water for almost every move they do, just like you.

If your pet is dehydrated, it can cause serious health problems such as kidney and heart problems.

Now you understand the importance of pet hydration more than before.


How much water should a pet drink?

The amount of water depends on what type of pet you keep. According to the ASPCA, dogs need to “drink one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight” every day. However, the “grown dogs need to drink more.”

According to Preventive Vet, cats need to drink “between 3.5–4.5 ounces of water per 5 pounds of body weight” every day. For instance, if your cat weighs ten pounds, it needs half an average bottle of water or 7–9 ounces of water.

Your pet hydration depends on:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Activity level
  • Season

You can ask a vet about the standard pet hydration for yours.

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How to know your pet is dehydrated?

A few signs and symptoms show your pet is dehydrated. You’d better know so to recognize them quickly:

  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of energy
  • Unusual or irregular panting
  • Dry, sunken eyes
  • Dry gum

Aside from the above symptoms, you can watch over the water consumption of your pet. If it doesn’t drink enough water regularly, it might be a sign of dehydration.

Often what you feed your pet could be a cause of dehydration. Too much dry food tends to make your pet dehydrated.


How to make sure of pet hydration?

If you noticed your pet is dehydrated, you could implement a few strategies for help. The following steps can be effective:


Change the drinking habit

Clean the water bowl regularly and fill it with fresh water. Put the water bowl in a place your pet likes or visits a lot. Flavor the water with what your pet might like. Get a new water bowl to motivate it to drink enough water. Treat your pet whenever it drinks water. Serving the water at room temperature is also helpful. Your pet will love the taste of Tahoe Springs Water like this little cute squirrel.

You can also think of changing the water source. Water that tastes good and your pet likes it could be an effective step.


Set a place to cool of

In warm and dry seasons, pets tend to get hot. Provide them a cool place to rest. If you have a pet that can move like a cat or dog, set a cool place and show it can calm and cool off there.


Leaving home for long hours

If you have to leave home for long hours, don’t leave your pet without water. You shouldn’t wait until the evening to water the poor pet. Getting a replenishing water bowl can help you provide enough water for your pet. There are different types and models that suit your pet’s needs.


Include water in your pet’s food

You can put a water bowl beside your pet’s food. It encourages the pet to drink water aside from the meal. It’s also helpful if your pet eats dry food regularly. If possible, add water food to the pet’s daily meal. It will also increase your pet hydration.


Outdoor Hydration

Whenever you and your pet visit outdoors, make sure you bring cool healthy water. It’s particularly important during hot weather. If possible, add ice to the water bowl. As your pet is more active, watch over its hydration and try to water the pet regularly. Animals like the small sips of water.


Pet Drinking Fountain

Animals understand by instinct that the water that runs is fresh while the stagnant water might not be healthy and safe. That might be the reason why your pet is not fond of water in a bowl. A drinking fountain could be highly effective for your pet hydration. It’s a trick to get it to drink enough water.


Water from the toilet

You should be careful with one point if you keep a dog. Some dogs have no problems drinking from the toilet. That isn’t a clean source of water for your pet. So always try to keep the lid closed.

You can use different strategies from your first-hand experience. You could also ask for advice from friends and family who keep a pet. However, if the signs of dehydration didn’t get better, your pet needs to visit a vet.

If the signs of dehydration didn’t get better by the above strategies, you need to visit a vet. You’d better do it right away as the pet can not say, “I’m feeling terrible.”

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Bottom Line

The text explained that you need to be careful of your pet hydration. Dehydration can hurt your pet to a large extent.

Now you know the signs of dehydration, the elements that determine how much water your pet needs, and the strategies to keep your pet hydrated.

In case you look for a source to provide better water to your family, Tahoe Springs Water is at your service.

Tahoe has been providing water service to Las Vegas citizens since 1994. Give us a call at +702-433-4545 to order purified, alkaline, or Mountain Spring water.

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