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Purified Water vs Spring Water, Is Spring Water Better than Purified Water?

Spring Water vs. purified water

Coming back home, you are thirsty. Take the cup and fill it with tap water. But the taste is not what you want, and you pour it down the sink. Now you remember the spring water or drinking water advertisement and consider taking one of them. But the question is, are they any different, and which one is appropriate for you?

In this article, Tahoe Springs Water explains the differences between spring and purified water, the benefits, and how to pick the right one for yourself.

What is Spring Water?

The most natural form of water is spring water. It originates from a natural source in which water rises naturally to the surface. Water going through the rocks and stone also gets considered spring water—the rocks and surface form as filtration.

Going through the rocks and stones helps the natural taste of spring water. In addition, they add natural minerals your body needs.

The springs throughout the US are the most natural source to get water.

For instance, Tahoe spring water comes from the Sierra Mountains in California. Then the water goes through a few tests to ensure its quality and health. The tests include:

  • Microfilter
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Ozonization

Taste is the major feature of spring water. It distinguishes it from other available water resources. As spring water comes directly from a natural source, it holds a refreshing flavor.

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What is Purified Water?

Purified water can come from many sources. But it has been purified to eliminate any impurities such as:

  • Pollutants
  • Pathogens
  • Contaminants
  • Chemicals
  • Copper
  • Lead.

The types of purification depend on the water company and the standards they implement. For instance, Tahoe purified water passes the following purification stages:

  • Water Softener
  • Active Carbon Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Active Carbon

The filtration removes the potentially harmful chemicals and makes it ready for hydration.

According to the FDA, purified water has a higher impurity level than tap water. Therefore, the FDA has set stronger regulations on the quality and standard of purified water.

Spring Water vs. purified water; the differences

The major difference between spring water and purified water is the source.

Purified water gets purified in the water company and can have many sources. For example, tap water, a well, or a river could be the source. Companies purify water through the purification process and eliminate any type of particles or impurities.

The source of spring water is nature. It could be a spring, river, or a personal well. Yet, the water companies test to ensure health and quality.

Depending on the type of water, there are various benefits to the two types as well.

Springwater holds the following benefits for you:

  • Keeping bones strong
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Keeping the heart healthy with a balanced rhythm
  • Improving nerve function

Springwater is also free of any impurities. It can balance the pH level of the body as well. The major part of your diet is acidic, coffee, tea, alcohol, fruits, and vegetables. Springwater could help increase alkalinity. It holds appropriate minerals so as to keep your body healthy and fit.

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infographic Spring Water and Purified Water, Which One is Better for You

Springwater benefits

The one point to remember about spring water is that it comes directly from nature. If the water source is safe and secure and the water goes through the required tests, you can get so many benefits from it.

Taste the pure child of nature and enjoy cooling yourself down.

Below list are some of the benefits of spring water:

  • Free of:
    • toxins,
    • bacteria,
    • lead,
    • copper
  • Helping the pH level of the body
  • Oxygenate your body’s cells
  • Provide a better level of hydration
  • A natural source of alkaline
  • high in minerals:
    •  potassium,
    • sodium,
    • magnesium,
    • calcium

Purified water benefits

People who live in an area where the taste of tap water is not very good to understand the benefits of purified water.

The first benefit is that it promotes you to drink more water. Why do you need to drink more water? Because you and I do not drink enough water.

The statistics indicate that the Americans do not drink enough water per day due to:

  • Not being aware of the importance
  • Having a hectic schedule
  • Just forgetting to drink water

Purified water often has a better taste than tap water. Las Vegas residents appreciate water with better taste than tap water.

Besides drinking more water, you will get the following benefits as well:

  • A better way to stay hydrated
  • Helps digestion,
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Helps to have a clearer skin
  • Better joint and muscle health

How to know which type of water is good for you?

Today, there are various types of water that you choose to drink. There are too many options that you might be confused about and can not decide on.

The government is strict with the rules and safety measures regarding food and drink. So it is with drinking water.

Tap water is safe to drink in the US. But the taste might not be good in some areas like Las Vegas, and people do not like it. If it’s a reason that you do not drink water, you would better try a different option, as dehydration can lead to serious health problems.

This article provided you with two water options you have; spring water and purified water. Now you know the differences, features, and benefits. If you want to know about other types of water, go through the top menu, and you will find blogs explaining various water options.

You would better read the descriptions of each water type and know if they are suitable for you or not. The water type might not be appropriate for you by your health condition.

In case you suffer from a particular health condition, consult with a health expert or your doctor about the water type you drink. However, all the water types in Tahoe Springs Water are safe for your consumption.

Spring Water vs. purified water, which is better?

The answer depends on a few factors. Your most important consideration determines which type of water you need.

If you don’t like the taste of tap water, like in Las Vegas, you can pick spring water or purified water. If you are not sure about the quality of water, choosing spring or purified would be healthy for you. The fact indicates traveling abroad as well.

Springwater tastes a natural flavor that people like. It gives them a reason to drink more water and ensure hydration.

For instance, athletes need to drink more water. The fourth cups of water taste exactly like the first one. So they might need a water option that gives them a cause to drink more water.

If you live in a hot area, you might need to take hydration a bit more seriously. This is where spring water could help you.

If you can’t afford the spring water, purified water can be reasonably priced. You could ensure your hydration as well with it. Compared to tap water, purified water has  better taste as well.

You can not say which one is healthier. The FDA approves spring and purified water as a healthy water source. They both hold nutrients and ingredients and are better in purity options than tap water.

If you are thinking about a better hydration source for the family, purified water could be affordable.

Bottom line

Springwater and purified water are two healthy water options. The major difference between them is the source of water and the stages they pass to people.

Picking one is a matter of personal preferences. Although spring water is a bit higher in price, it contains numerous nutrients you need. But purified water is also an affordable one you can be sure free of any particles.

Whatever your water option is, you need to ensure your hydration. A reliable water company could answer all of your needs. Do you need one? Look no further.

Tahoe Springs Water has been providing water services in Las Vegas since 1994. We have offered the best alkaline water, purified, and spring water to the residents.

Give us a call at +702-433-4545 or go through the website menu to know more about water options.


What is the major difference between spring water and purified water?

The main difference is the source of water and the purification stages they go through.

The spring water or purified water, which one is a better option?

The choice is up to your preferences and the features of the water.

Are spring water and purified water healthy water options?

Yes, they are completely healthy and safe to drink but purchase from a reliable water company.

Can I get spring water from nature? 

If the water source is not contaminated and is drinkable by authorities, yes, you can drink it.

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