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What water-rich food you need to include in your diet?

what water-rich food you need to include in your diet

You can’t or don’t have access to pure water at work or outdoors. How do you make up for the water you lose? According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), you get 20% of the water your body needs through food. Eating water-rich food, along with high-quality water, ensures your hydration.

This article takes a look at seven water-rich foods you can have in your daily diet. They are nutritious and easy to find.

1. Cucumber

You do search for water-rich food, and cucumber comes in every article as the top one. Cucumber contains 95% water, which makes it the highest water-rich food. Providing that you don’t like the taste of plain water in hot seasons, a cucumber drink is a delicious option.

Cucumber is a rich source of:

  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium

The main formation of your body is by phosphorus. You need potassium to regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals. A low level of potassium could lead to abnormal heart rhythms, feeling weak muscles, or becoming paralyzed.

The main formation of your teeth and bones is phosphorus.

2. Tomatoes

Some say tomatoes are vegetables, but others take them as fruits. Whatever they are, containing 94% water makes them a delicious option as a water-rich food. One average size of tomatoes provides you half a cup of water.

Tomato is also rich in:

  • Potassium
  • Folate
  • Vitamin K and C
  • Fiber

According to Consumer Reports, tomato is a powerful antioxidant that lowers the risk of blood pressure.

Your body needs lycopene to prevent cell damage. What is the major source of lycopene for the Americans? Yes, It’s tomato.

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3 Watermelon

Have you ever wondered why watermelon is the constant companion of your summer outgoings? As the name suggests, 92% is made of water and makes it a delicious water-rich food for hot seasons. As watermelon is low in sugar and calories, families pick it for their diet. Watermelon is also rich in:

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A, B, and C


4. Milk

Milk contains 87% water, a good water-rich food option that you can add to your daily diet. If you can’t get enough water every day, milk can help you avoid dehydration in the morning or before bed.

The many health benefits of milk have been proved in different countries around the world. Aside from drinking simple milk, It’s wonderful to mix it with other recipes like cereal.

If your body can not digest milk’s lactose, you can switch to skim milk.

Your bones, teeth, and muscles need vitamin C to be strong and healthy. Do you know a rich source of vitamin D? That bottle of milk in the corner of the shelf.

Mixing milk with other ingredients like soy, dark chocolate, or vanilla is another way to enjoy your drink. Such ingredients make water-rich food more delicious.

5. Carrots

Carrots contain 86% water. A perfect water-rich food that you might already have in your diet. Are your colleagues having sliced pieces of carrots or mothers preparing them for their kids? They are hitting several birds with their carrots.

Carrots are a good source of:

  • Beta carotene
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin K1
  • Potassium
  • Antioxidants

Pick carrots in your shopping cart If you are looking for weight-loss-friendly food. The fiber helps you decrease your cholesterol level and helps you control blood sugar.

6. Apple

You know that 85% of an apple is made of water. You can say an apple a day keeps dehydration away. But water-rich food is not all of it. Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants are some of the many health benefits of apple.

You will find an apple in almost every normal diet to lose weight. Being rich in fiber makes it a healthy snack at work. A 2019 study also shows that apples contain bioactive compounds, which helps obese people to be healthy.

7. Oranges

Did you know you need to keep yourself hydrated even in the cold seasons?  Your body doesn’t want to heat the extra fluid in your body. So it gets rid of the extra water by visiting the bathroom. That’s why you ease your nature more in the cold season. You don’t watch your water intake, you might get dehydrated.

Peeling an orange, squeezing water is inevitable. It’s because 86% of orange is made out of water. Orange can be good water-rich food in the cold seasons.

You know oranges as a rich source of vitamin C. You get more than the daily recommended amount of vitamin C by an orange. Fiber and Potassium are another two ingredients that you will get by an orange.

Is it all?

The article brought you some of the water-rich foods. There are other foods that are a rich source of water. Lettuce (romaine or iceberg), celery, zucchini, spinach, and strawberries are also good for hydration.

The text explained what you have in your daily diet but may not know they are amazing for your hydration. You just need to ensure to have them in your diet.

Having one point is good in mind. The mentioned food and fruits are not a replacement for water. You need to drink enough water every day depending on your gender, age, job, or physical activity. Getting dehydrated in hot climates is easy.

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