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Water therapy and weight loss; this is what you should know 

Water therapy and weight loss; this is what you should know 

Drink more water. This is the first advice you receive from friends and colleagues to lose weight when talking about being overweight. Water therapy is the trend that has spread around the world from the Japanese lifestyle. But does it lead to weight loss, or it’s just a fad trend?

Tahoe Springs Water explains whether water therapy helps you lose weight or not, how drinking water aids you in receiving fewer calories, and how much water you should drink.

What is water therapy for weight loss?

Water therapy works mainly through drinking water on an empty stomach. The aim is to regulate your body with the assistance of water. The main focus is to improve the condition and health of the gut, as lots of medical issues are caused due to poor digestive health.

The method comes from the Japanese lifestyle. It involves drinking a few glasses of room-temperature water in the morning.

The therapy also involves drinking water after the first glasses and not eating anything for at least two hours after it.

It also involves drinking water regularly during the day with breaks between meals and snacks. Some of the people who have tried water therapy indicate that it has had many benefits for them. The question is whether it is helpful for weight loss or not.

What water therapy tells you to do is as follows:

  • Drink water first after you wake up in the morning. The number of glasses you should have is different; some say four. The temperature should be fit to the room. Lemons juice or honey is also advised and you can add.
  • Brush your teeth. The program wants you to do not eat or drink anything for 45 min; then you can have your normal day.
  • Do not drink water after your meals for 45 min.
  • People who suffer from a serious health issue should begin with one glass of water. They can raise the number of glasses if everything is fine. It would be better they consult with their doctor or a health expert before initiating the therapy.
  • If you have problems drinking all the glasses, your stomach can have a break; wait for a few minutes before drinking the next one.

Note; If you want to try this method, you should get advice from a health expert or your doctor.


Is water therapy effective for weight loss?

According to Healthline, few studies have been conducted on the water therapy benefits for weight loss. There are mixed data about the weight loss feature of the method.

It is said that the hydration part of the therapy could aid weight loss, and further research is needed on whether the therapy is specifically helpful for losing weight.

There are different health claims with the water therapy process. Science has not looked through all of them, but this article looks at the data and facts. Whether the claims are real or not, drinking enough water is essential to have a good brain function, enough energy, and blood pressure.

The function of your kidneys relies on water; you can prevent headaches by drinking water and preventing constipation.

Losing weight is up to a few factors. Just drinking water may not lead to weight loss and ensure a perfect weight.

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How can water help you lose weight?

Let’s get this right. Water has no magical feature to lead to weight loss. Drinking just water on its own can not lead to water loss. The water therapy process could be the same, but more research is needed. Water can help you to lose weight in the following ways:

Eat less by decreasing your appetite

The one feature of water, aside from many of its benefits, is that it can decrease or suppress your appetite. Try it once and drink one cup or glass of water before your next meal. You can see that your appetite is less than before.

The data also indicates the same thing. The research by Emily L Van Walleghen says that drinking water has the potential to lower your appetite. It needs to be mentioned that the study was conducted only on older adults and middle-aged people.

Another study investigated the effect of water on weight loss, and it was revealed that the participants lost 2 kg during a 12-week period.

The people who took part in Elizabeth A Dennis’s study drank water and were able to lose 44% weight compared with those who did not drink water.

Another group of researchers looked at the impact of drinking water before breakfast on weight loss. The researchers found that people received 13% fewer calories when they drank water before a meal.

Read about drinking water before bed.

More calorie burning

The other aspect of A Dennis’s study revealed that drinking water helps to burn more calories. The process has a name that gets called “resting energy expenditure.”

The resting energy expenditure went up by 24–30% when adults drank water. The length of burning calories took one hour for the participants.

There is another study that looked at resting energy expenditure, and there is data about it.

The study was conducted on obese, overweight women and children. The resting energy expenditure went up by 25% in this research.

There is a specific study that investigated the connection between drinking water and weight loss. Its name is “Drinking water is associated with weight loss,” and it was conducted by Jodi D Stookey and his team.

Stookey and the team figured out that the people who took part in the study lost 2kg more weight over a one-year period.

Losing weight is not the only benefit of drinking water. Studies also indicate that the people who drank water had lower levels of:

  • Weight
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Waist circumference
  • Body fat

If you drink cold water, your body has to spend more energy warming it up and making its temperature equal to the body. So you burn more calories.

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Receiving fewer calories

Do you know the calorie intake of usual drinks you have every day?

  • A latte, 206
  • An espresso, 9
  • One glass of beer, 150
  • Americano, 15
  • Capicuno, 130
  • A bottle of orange juice, 110
  • Hot chocolate
  • Strawberry banana smoothie, 300
  • Iced tea, 86
  • Cocktail, 143


You have some drinks during the day and skip meals, and hope to lose weight. But you can see that they have calories and some of them a lot.

You can not replace all of them with water, especially caffeinated drinks. But you can have water instead of some of them so as to receive fewer calories.

Taking fewer calories can heald to weight loss, and that is the feature of water that can help you with weight loss.

Are there risks to water therapy for weight loss?

It’s necessary to drink enough water every day, but there could be health issues to drinking too much water called water intoxication. It can influence sodium concentration in your bloodstream and end up dangerous health issues such as:

  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Death (if untreated in some cases)


How much water should you drink?

There are different say about how much water you should drink per day to stay healthy. Also, the amount of water you need is up to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical activity
  • Diet
  • Health conditions
  • Season
  • Altitude


The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says that men need to drink about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids per day while women need about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day.

Water therapy vs. Japanese water therapy. Are they different?

Yes, they are different. During Japanese water therapy, you drink a few glasses of water first in the morning and delay your breakfast for two hours.

But water therapy or water fasting is different. While you fast, you restrict the amount of food intake and don’t eat.

Fasting has been going around for thousands of years. It is common, particularly in religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Jewish. People stop eating from sunrise to sunset.

According to the studies, fasting could have some health benefits. Lowering the risk of stimulating autophagy and some chronic diseases are examples.

But you would better consult with your doctor or a health expert before trying fasting. If your stomach is upset or you suffer from ulcers, Gastritis, or any other health condition, fasting can harm you.

During water fasting, you don’t eat anything but water.

You don’t eat anything for 24-72 hours but water.

People try water fasting for the following reasons;

  • Religious reasons
  • Lose weight
  • Due to the health benefits
  • To detoxify body

According to several studies, water fasting has benefits. One of them is Mehrdad Alirezaei and his team, which indicates the benefits. But, it is strongly recommended not to try water fasting before consulting a health expert.

Here are some of the health risks of water fasting if you don’t consult with a health expert and try it on your own:

  • muscle loss
  • dehydration
  • blood pressure changes


Let’s sum up…

There is not enough information or findings on the effects of water therapy for weight loss. The issue needs further research, but there is no harm in drinking enough water or more water as we do not drink enough water due to a hectic schedule or just forgetting to do so.

The article explained what water therapy is, how water can help you lose weight and how much water you should drink.

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Is water therapy effective for weight loss?

It could be effective, but more research is needed.

Does water therapy have special instructions?

Yes, there is a guideline to follow; see the article.

How can drinking water help weight loss?

It decreases your appetite.

Does science prove water therapy for weight loss?

Not yet; more research is needed.

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