What are the 5 Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water For Your Skin?

What are the 5 Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water For Your Skin?

You stand in front of a mirror. Oh my goodness, new acne? Aren’t you tired of taking medicine for your skin? If you are, the cause might be what you eat and drink. Your body could have become acidic as most of our diet is acidic (coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.). What you need could be drinking alkaline water for your skin. It balances your body and helps all parts of your body.

In this article, Tahoe Springs Water takes a look at the benefits of drinking alkaline water for your skin. We introduce the findings of new studies so you can have healthier skin.


1. Beautiful skin

Candice Hutchings is a Canadian YouTube personality, author, and vegan chef. She speaks highly about drinking alkaline water for your skin.

“When alkaline water became recognized for the first time, I thought It was a trick advertisement. Yet, after putting alkaline water into my diet regularly, I got convinced it makes a difference. The taste is much better than tap water and easy to drink enough water per day”. Candice says she “feels more hydrated with alkaline water”.

Hutchings explains that alkaline water balances the pH level of your skin and makes it more alkaline. Water is essential for every part of the body, including the skin. You are dehydrated; your skin might become dry, itchy, and dull-looking.


2. Lowering signs of aging

According to Tyent USA, “there are lots of benefits with drinking alkaline water for your skin, health, and hair.”

“Oxygen in your body chemically bonds with other substances. The process is called Oxidation, which can damage cells as signs of diseases and aging. “Alkaline water can help you reduce the risk of such process,” according to Tyent USA.”

Alkaline water with ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) and alkaline mineral content can clear out:

  • Reactive oxygen species (ROS).
  • Free radicals

According to National Cancer Institute, “If ROS build up in your cells, it can damage protein, your RNA, DNA, or even death of the cell.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine researched about Alkaline Water and Longevity. The study revealed that as alkaline water increases the survival functions, it provides higher longevity in terms of “aging deceleration.

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3. Better hydration

Dr. Lori Shemek is an expert in weight loss and nutrition. She is also a best-selling author for her book called “How To Fight FATflammation!”. In an article named Tips to More Beautiful Skin, she mentions the importance of hydration.

Shemek says, “water has the responsibility to take nutrients to your skin cells.” She continues: “You stick with a healthy diet but don’t drink enough water; you can’t have healthy skin.”

According to UW Health (the Academic Medical Center for the University of Wisconsin), “if your skin doesn’t get enough hydration, it will become flaky, tight and dry. Skin, like any other part of the body, is made of cells. The cells are made of water. The drier your skin, the more prone to wrinkling“.

Alkaline water provides better hydration.

If you want glowing, clear skin, your body needs to eliminate toxins. The better level of hydration your body has, the easier It can remove toxins.

As alkaline water provides better hydration, it helps you delay the aging process of the skin.


4. Fewer wrinkles and spots

Candice Hutchings mentions that the spots and wrinkles in your face are due to free radicals. They are unstable molecules causing damage to the cells.

Alkaline water and a few foods like dark chocolate, strawberries, and kale contain antioxidants. The more antioxidants you take, the better your body can protect itself against free radicals, which cause spots and wrinkles.

5. Stronegr immune system

According to FoodNDTV, one of the benefits of alkaline water is to boost your immune system. Providing that you have a weak immune system, you are more like to become ill. The effects of sickness plus medicines cause dry skin, rashes, and acne. In some cases, it might lead to inflammation.

One of the key benefits of drinking alkaline water for your skin is boosting the immune system. Your strong immune system prevents sickness, so you avoid damage to your skin.


The last word

People who care about their health are welcoming alkaline water to their life. As most of our diet is acidic(tea, coffee, alcohol), alkaline water can balance it.

The text explained the benefits of drinking alkaline water for your skin. It brought you scientific findings on its benefits for your skin. You can start drinking alkaline water for its many benefits and, of course, your skin. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with the alkaline water, but if you suffer from a special disorder or sickness, consult with your doctor. It would also be a clever idea to pick a reliable company to buy alkaline water.

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