The Best and Healthiest Spring Water Delivery in Las Vegas Since 1994

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs 1:

How can I pay my bill?

Cash, check, or card payment to the route man. Mail in check. Call in card. Sign in online, select the invoices you want to pay, select pay invoices, select or enter card, select finalize payment.

How much is my bill?

Sign in online, in the middle at the top, it says account balance.

Is Tahoe water delivery services free in Las Vegas?

Yes. There is no difference whether you need Tahoe services for home or work. Delivery in Las Vegas is 100% free.

FAQs 2:

How often are deliveries?

Every 2 weeks.

When is my next delivery?

Sign in online and the calendar in the top right box will tell you the next delivery.