Tahoe Spring Water has been providing water delivery services in Las Vegas since 1994. Customers can choose from drinking, spring, or alkaline water for their services. Our spring water is sourced from High Sierra Mountain in California. With the best customer service in town, we are proud to bring you the highest quality water any time you need.

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Your local water delivery services in Las Vegas since 1994

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Tahoe Springs Water

Tahoe Springs offers the best quality water delivery services in Las Vegas
We offer spring water sourced from deep in the High Sierra Mountains, fresh drinking water that is purified through an exhaustive seven-stage process, and high quality alkaline water with PH 9.5.
Use your choice of water on our cooler, crock or stand. Our friendly drivers deliver straight to your home or office your choice of 5-gallon, 3 gallon, 1/2 gallon and 16oz cases of bottles. Businesses can also use our advanced five stage reverse osmosis or activated carbon water filtration system.
In addition to water delivery services, we can promote your company brand or event using custom label bottles. For more information, click here.
Click on the link below or call us to enjoy the special offer to get “4 bottles of 5 gallon water” free delivered to you with no obligations, no long term contract, just high quality and delicious drinking, spring or alkaline water.


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