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Spring Water in Las Vegas

Water quality has been a controversial topic for health experts lately. Scientists have proved what we eat has an impact on our health. So is the water we drink. About 678.000 annual deaths are due to unhealthy diets in the U.S. Specialists say water is part of our diet. People complain more about diseases related to the low quality of water. While polluted water causes cholera, low-quality water leads to:

low quality water disease

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    What is spring water?

    Spring water is nature's natural water that comes directly from a river or spring. Water comes out of the ground, passing rocks and stone, which collects minerals along the way. The most natural form of water is spring water. Rocks and stones work as a filtration process and purify water. The taste is also collected along the way from nature. The taste and natural minerals are the distinguishable features of spring water. Coming directly from nature has the perfect taste. It encourages you to drink more water per day.

    The source of spring water in the US is natural springs and rivers spread in the country. You might have asked, "Is spring water safe to drink?" The answer is Yes. Spring water sold in bottled waters pass quality tests to ensure it's safe and healthy.

    Spring water quality tests

    Tahoe provides Spring Mountain Water from the Sierra Mountains in California. Spring water goes through several tests to ensure its quality and health. You can see the water quality report here. Spring water passes the following procedures:

    • step icons-01 Microfilter


      It filters water to eliminate particles or impurities which might contain.

    • step icons-02 Microfilter


      Another Microfilter process to make sure of zero impurities.

    • step icons-03 Ultraviolet Light

      Ultraviolet Light

      This procedure is to sanitize the water and assure Spring Water contains no bacteria.

    • step icons-04 Ozonization


      It is to sanitize water and further protection for consumers. There are no bacteria in an ozonic environment.

    NEL Laboratories analyzes the spring water to ensure It's healthy and quality. The results of the tests are as follows;

    Bicarbonate  SM2320 B 59 5.00 N/A
    Chloride  EPA 300.0 3.4 2.00 400 mg/L
    Fluoride  SM 4500-F C 1.3 0.40 2 mg/L
    Sulfate  EPA 300.0 9.5 2.00 500 mg/L
    TDS SM2540 C 97.0 15.0 1000 mg/L
    Calcium EPA 200.7 7.0 0.50 N/A
    Magnesium EPA 200.7 0.66 0.50 150 mg/L
    Potassium EPA 200.7 ND* 2.00 N/A
    Sodium EPA 200.7 27 0.50 0.85 mg/8oz serving;salt free
    Total Coliform SM9223 B Absent  1.1MPN/100ml N/A
    E. Coli SM9223 B Absent  - Absent
    Carbonate SM2320 B ND* 5.00
    Hydroxide  SM2320 B ND* 5.00


    Where does mountain spring water come from?

    The source of spring water is the river and springs spread across the US. The source is important as it needs to be known. Not every spring or river might suit to be used for spring water usage. Spring water from the Tahoe water company comes from the Sierra Mountain in California.

    Spring water delivery

    Tahoe Spring Water has provided a spring water delivery service in Las Vegas since 1994. We have provided the best spring water in the area since the very beginning. As explained, the Sierra Mountain in California is the source of our Spring Water. It goes through tests to ensure its health for you and your family. Give us a call at +1 702-433-4545 to order water now.

    The benefits of natural spring water

    Spring Mountain Water holds lots of benefits. Your body needs 410 milligrams of magnesium per day. Spring Mountain Water is a rich source of it. Magnesium is essential for:

    • Keeping bones strong
    • Boosting the immune system
    • Keeping the heart, healthy with a balanced rhythm
    • Improving nerve function


    Spring Mountain Water is the water produced by nature. It is the perfect water made by planet Earth. It has natural features that make it ideal for our body:

    • Free of any impurity
    • Balancing the pH level of your body.
    • Contain natural alkaline water
    • Appropriate minerals to keep your body fit and healthy.


    Holding required minerals

    Spring water holds the necessary minerals your body needs to stay healthy;


    Your body needs magnesium every day for;

    • Balance blood pressure and blood sugar levels
    • Make bones strong
    • Muscle regulation
    • Nerve function


    According to experts, all the calcium taken gets stored in bones and teeth. It’s essential for strong bones. Without calcium, you cannot move your muscles. The nerves transfer messages from the brain to every part of the body with calcium.


    Potassium aids in moving nutrients to your cells and helps your heartbeat stay regular. A low amount of potassium in the body could lead to;

    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Adrenal gland disorders


    Health experts indicate that the human body needs about 500mg of sodium for its functions. It helps your body to keep the right amount of fluid in the body.

    Better hydration

    The better taste of spring water encourages you to drink more water. You might ask what’s the point of drinking more water. According to a New York Post article in September 2020, “more than half of the US adults don’t drink enough water due to hectic schedules or forgetting to do so”.

    The survey studied 2.000 people, only 22% of people drank the recommended ten glasses of water per day by USDA.

    Effects of dehydration

    Your body doesn’t contain enough water, It’s dehydrated. There are three levels of dehydration;

    • Mild
    • Moderate
    • Severe

    You can know whether you are dehydrated or not by the following signs and symptoms:

    • Thirst
    • Sticky or dry mouth
    • No normal use of the restroom
    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Cool, dry skin
    • Exhaustion


    The mentioned symptoms are the basic common ones and the signs could vary in children and the elderly.

    Tahoe Spring Water products

    Tahoe Springs Water provides the best spring water in Las Vegas. Their different water products you can choose from;

    • 5 gallon mountain spring water
    • 3 gallon mountain spring water
    • 24*.5 Litre spring water bottles

    Spring water and all water services come with a free water delivery service. Give us a call and order the type of bottles you need for the office or home.

    Spring water and cancer

    There are some reports that alkaline water is good for cancer and it can prevent or treat it. But science doesn’t prove it, and there is no evidence about it. As spring water holds some level of alkalinity, some might claim that it is good to prevent or treating cancer. But again, science doesn’t prove it, and there isn’t data about it.  So spring water has nothing to do with cancer.

    But people who suffer from cancer need to drink enough water and ensure hydration. Also, some medicine requires drinking more water. Spring water can be useful in this part, but in preventing or treating cancer, the definite answer is NO at the moment.


    Spring water benefits for skin and hair

    According to Hélène Martin and her team's research in France, spring water is good for the skin. The anti-inflammatory feature of spring water can reduce stress from the surface of your skin and help soothe it.

    According to Healthline, spring water has antioxidant and anti-aging features. There is also calming, moisturizing, and cleaning feature with it.

    The vitamins and minerals in spring water are also good for your hair. The helpful features of spring water for skin could be good for your hair as well.

    Frequently asked questions about spring water

    Spring water is the water that comes from a natural source like a spring or river. Tahoe Spring water comes from the Sierra Mountain in California.

    The difference is the source of water. Spring water comes from a spring or river which goes through tests but purified water is the tap water that goes through purification.

    The source of water is different and is up to the water company. For instance, the source of Tahoe spring water is the Sierra Mountain in California.

    Generally, the pH of spring water is 7 or above it. But due to the natural minerals, it helps to increase the pH level of your body.

    Tahoe spring water is the best spring water to drink in Las Vegas which comes from the Sierra Mountain in California and goes through purification stages.

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