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Bottled Water in Las Vegas?

Folks who live in the hot dry climate of Las Vegas, Nevada have to be especially careful to stay hydrated and the key is bottled water. Tahoe Springs is the best-bottled water Las Vegas has to offer. Because it is easy having access to quality spring water. Las Vegas visitors and residents just need to be aware of the importance and get in the habit of consuming our bottled water on a regular basis. Whether working or playing, enjoy a sip of refreshing water from a Tahoe Springs water cooler or a bottle of Tahoe Springs natural spring water.

Did you know that more than 50% of the human body is water? It is important to continually replenish your body’s water reserves since daily activity as well as the dehydrating effects of products such as alcohol, coffee, tea, and soft drinks deplete it. Most people do not drink the recommended eight 8 oz. servings of water per day (with additional servings if you are outside in hot weather or doing strenuous exercise.) Serious dehydration can lead to death, but even being slightly dehydrated can have side effects such as dry skin, constipation, dizziness or light-headedness and headaches. Unfortunately, children and older adults often do not feel thirsty even when they need fluids.

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    With easy bottled water delivery, Las Vegas residents have no excuse not to get their daily needs. Tahoe Springs Water encourages children and adults to get in the habit of drinking water rather than more expensive and less healthy beverages, such as sugary soda pop and fruit drinks.

    Different types of Tahoe bottled water

    Bottled water comes in different types of water. Each one of them is different and has its features and benefits. You pick the one that is suitable based on your needs and situation.

    Spring water

    Spring water is the water that comes directly from nature. The source is a spring or river coming out of the ground. Water passes rocks and stones along the way which forms a kind of filtration. The well known good taste of spring water is due to the minerals collected along its path.

    Spring water passes the tests to ensure It’s safe and healthy for usage. It passes the following quality tests;

    • Microfilter
    • Ultraviolet Light
    • Ozonization


    Spring water benefits 

    There are many benefits with spring water as follows;

    • Balancing the pH of your body
    • Rich source of necessary minerals
    • Providing better hydration due to good taste
    • Keeping bones strong
    • Boosting the immune system
    • Keeping the heart, healthy with a balanced rhythm
    • Improving nerve function


    Alkaline water

    Alkaline water has a higher pH level. Neutral water has a 7 pH level while above seven is alkaline and below is acidic. Since the alkaline water is higher in pH level, it can neutralize the acid in your body and acts as a natural antioxidant.

    Benefits of alkaline water

    Research by CNKI shows that alkaline water helps people who suffer from:

    • Hypertension (High blood pressure)
    • Diabetes
    • High Cholesterol

    The people who consume alkaline water, speak highly of its benefits:

    • Better hydration than tap water.
    • Boosting metabolism.
    • Providing more energy.
    • Helping digestion.
    • Delaying the aging process.
    • Fight bone loss.
    • Losing weight.

    Alkaline water can not make your body lose weight. Water is zero calories and an appetite silencer. When you drink alkaline water, you could feel full longer and eat less.

    Purified water

    Purified water passes purification stages to be free of impurities such as;

    • Pathogens
    • Contaminants
    • Chemicals
    • Copper
    • Lead.

    The source of water can be tap water or any other one. The point that matters are the purification stages that pass. For instance, Tahoe purified water goes through the following stages;

    • Reverse osmosis
    • Active carbon filtration
    • Macro, and microfiltration
    • Ozonization
    • Ultra-violet light

    The filtration removes the potentially harmful chemicals and makes it ready for hydration.

    According to the FDA, purified water has a higher impurity level than tap water. Therefore, the FDA has set stronger regulations over the quality and standard of purified water.

    Best bottled water to drink

    Choosing bottled water among the different water options is up to your conditions. You can choose from alkaline, purified, and spring water. The one determining item is your budget. Determine how much you will spend on bottled water and then see what option you can afford. Tahoe Springs Water provides health reasonably priced bottles as well.

    The amount of water you drink per day also needs consideration.

    The provided water types in Tahoe water company are all the best bottled water to drink in Las Vegas as the taste of tap water is not that good. The good taste can encourage you to drink more water and ensure your hydration.

    Bottled water delivery service

    Tahoe Springs Water has been providing bottled water delivery service in Las Vegas since 1994. We have provided different bottled water to our clients; alkaline, purified, and spring mountain water. You can choose the appropriate water based on your conditions and needs. Our experts are ready to provide whatever information you need about various water options.

    Bottled water delivery near me

    Tahoe Springs Water delivery comes free with whatever water option you pick. There is no long-term contract or obligation with the services. Give us a call at +1 702-433-4545 to order your desired bottled water. You could also complete the online form then our experts contact you.

    Frequently asked questions about bottled water

    The FDA is responsible for regulating bottled water which does not require a shelf life for bottled water. If stored properly can be used for a long time but no more than two years for non-carbonated water, and one year for sparkling water.

    Tahoe Springs Water provides the best-bottled water in Las Vegas filled with alkaline, spring or purified drinking water.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates the bottled water industry, Flavored Water and Nutrient-Added Water Beverages are also authorized by the FDA.

    Tahoe Springs Water bottled water filled with alkaline water is the one option suitable for daily consumption.

    The source of bottled water depends on its type that could be spring, alkaline, or purified drinking water.

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