Spring water vs. alkaline water, Is spring water alkaline

Springwater vs. alkaline water, which one should you drink

You fill your glass with tap water, and it doesn’t taste good. You are aware that you need to drink enough water per day and are considering ordering spring or alkaline water from a company. But which one is appropriate for you? What are the features and benefits?

Tahoe Springs Water introduces the features and benefits of both alkaline and spring water. You can pick the appropriate one with the provided information in this article.

What is alkaline water?

The word alkaline refers to the pH level of the water. The alkalinity is determined from a 0 to 14 scale; while 0 is the most acidic, 14 is the top alkalinity. The number 7 is the average and normal. Plain, normal, or tap water holds a 7 pH level. It is considered neutral and a boundary between alkaline and acidic water.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that “the pH of water needs to be 6.5 and 8.5″. However,” the pH of tap water in the US is between 4.3 to 5.3,” according to WebMD. The acidity of water is mostly up to the area you live in.

Alkaline water holds a higher pH level. The alkalinity is on average 7.7 to 9 and is up to:

  • water company,
  • standards,
  • policies,
  • and local regulations.

As the pH level is higher, some studies indicate that it holds a few benefits. However, some people claim there are no advantages to alkaline water. The following section explains whether there are benefits to alkaline water or not.

Learn more about how easily you can make your alkaline water, alkaline water and its benefits.


What are the benefits of alkaline water?

The Mayo Clinic indicates that regular water is good for most people. However, there is some research that suggests alkaline water is good for your health.

A 2012 study found that alkaline water with an 8.5 pH level helped people to deactivate pepsin. It’s the main enzyme that causes acid reflux in your body. It serves to digest proteins in the ingested food.

The studies by some other groups of researchers indicate that alkaline water can be helpful for people who suffer from:

  • High cholesterol.
  • Diabetes,
  • High blood pressure


In an experiment, the participants drank alkaline water for a particular period of time. The amount of blood viscosity in them after drinking alkaline water was remarkable. If you are wondering what’s the role of blood viscosity, it’s a direct measurement of how blood flows through the vessels efficiently. The groups were compared with people who drank normal tap water, and the results were amazing.

There are also other benefits to drinking alkaline water, as follows:

  • Boosting immune system
  • Further hydration
  • Better health skin
  • Help weight loss


There is one point about losing weight with alkaline water you need to remember. Alkaline water doesn’t have any magical feature that causes weight loss. However, better hydration and being a natural zero-calorie appetite suppressor help weight loss.

Alkaline water is also a good source of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. They are important for keeping healthy bones and staying healthy.

You can buy alkaline water from water companies such as Tahoe Springs Water. Also, you can make your alkaline water at home with baking soda and lemon.

You can make alkaline water with lemon juice and baking soda as well.

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Can alkaline water help with cancer or prevent it?

The research of Nazanin Rohani and other researchers indicated that tumors are acidic. The acidity helps tumors to grow. Drinking alkaline water can boost metabolism and helps counteract the acid in your body. So some people believe that alkaline water can reduce the acidity of your body, help with cancer treatment and even prevent it.

But is it proven by science, or what do the researchers say about the claims?

Up to the present moment, there is no evidence that alkaline water can treat cancer or prevent it. Scientists indicate that the human body can balance the pH level on its own. Breathing is one example that you take out carbon dioxide, and it helps to normalize the pH level. Your kidneys also assist the body in balancing the pH level. They produce ions that help the body do so.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has indicated that drinking alkaline water has nothing to do with cancer or tumors.

The point to remember is that people suffering from cancer need to drink enough and often more water during the day and drinking water is a must. In case cancer patients receive the following treatments, it’s even more important to take care of their hydration:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery


Drinking alkaline water can provide further hydration. It’s particularly important for some people to take care of their hydration, such as athletes and people who work outdoors and work in tough physical situations, such as firefighters. Alkaline water can lead to the following benefits:

  • Controlling the heart rate and blood pressure,
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Protects joints, spinal cord, and tissues.
  • It helps the body remove waste.
  • Aids in Digestion
  • The brain will function optimally.
  • It keeps the cardiovascular system healthy.
  • It helps you eat healthily.


The one point to remember is that too much of a good thing won’t be good anymore. Drinking too much alkaline water is no exception. If you drink too much of it per day, it could lead to a few health problems. So, you would better stick with a balanced consumption of alkaline water.

What is spring water?

In recent years, the organic lifestyle has become popular, and more and more people are becoming interested in it. Backing to nature seems the only way to stay healthy to some people. One of the main features of an organic lifestyle is drinking spring water. But how is it possible to drink spring water in cities?

Water companies are providing spring water coming from nature. You might wonder if it is safe or healthy to drink. The answer lies in the source of water and the purification. Springwater in nature is often safe to drink. However, the water might be contaminated by a natural or unnatural source. The corpse of a deer or wolf and a factory disposing of waste in the river could contaminate the spring water.

The water companies make sure of the source of the water and conduct purification procedures so as to have healthy and safe water. For instance, Tahoe Springs Water conducts the following purification methods on its Spring mountain water:

  • Microfilter
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Ozonization

In terms of benefits, spring water holds several benefits that you can receive.

What are the benefits of spring water?

There are many benefits to the spring water; they are as follows:

Higher pH level

Springwater, compared with tap water, has a higher pH level. So it can assist your body in raising the pH level. The human body balances the pH level by visiting the bathroom and the help of the kidneys. But as most of our diet is acidic, coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, and tobacco, it might not be able to complete its role completely.

Health experts indicate that a normal pH level is required to have a healthy life. If you feel tired most of the time, it could be due to an acidic diet that leads to an acidic body. But consult with your doctor before doing anything.

A good source of minerals

According to the reports by the Department of Soil Science, we are receiving fewer minerals than before. There are a few reasons causing it; Chemical-based agriculture and Over-farming are among them. Springwater can provide the necessary minerals you and I need to stay healthy. Springwater is a good source of:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium


Better hydration than normal water

Will Smith, in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness,” playing the real-life Christopher Paul Gardner, says that “he didn’t drink water during the internship course to save time and work more than other recruits.” It might be a good inspirational movie, but not drinking water could lead to serious health problems. Dehydration causes the following problems, according to Mayo Clinic:

  • Headaches
  • Kidney failure.
  • Heatstroke.
  • Fatigue

Bottled water is the option.

Real life is different, and you need to drink enough water at work or at home. As the taste of tap water might not be very good, spring water could provide a wonderful incentive to drink enough water.

Springwater holds a higher pH level; it provides you better hydration. It can also give you a good cause to drink more water. When you know about its many benefits, you become interested in drinking more water.


Can I drink tap water in Las Vegas?

The answer is yes. Tap water in Las Vegas is safe to drink under the safety measures of the federal government. The point is that the taste of tap water in Las Vegas is not that good. You might find it annoying and not be encouraged to drink it.

So people would choose other water options like spring water and alkaline water. The article explained the two of them, and now you know the features, benefits, and everything.

If you still have a problem with tap water in Las Vegas, the water choice is with you and your preferences.

Tahoe Springs Water provides alkaline water, spring water, and purified water. You are already familiar with the first two options; you can learn more about purified water from the top menu.

Your water choice is up to your conditions and preferences. The provided information can help you to make a better decision and guide you to the final decision.

If you can not make up your mind, give Tahoe Springs Water a call to help you and provide further information.


Springwater vs. alkaline water, which one should you drink?

The article explained the differences between alkaline water and spring water. Both of them are good sources of hydration and provide many benefits. Alkaline water has a higher pH level and can help digestion, reduce fatigue and help the skin. Springwater contains necessary minerals and provides further hydration due to its good taste.

Which one is better for you is up to your personal preferences, health conditions, and the place you live in.

Before you pick one, ensure the source of the water and the purification stages it goes through. Tahoe spring water goes through the following purification states:

  • Microfilter
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Ozonization

The source of the water is also the High Sierra mountain in California which provides water to 26 million people.

Spring and alkaline water in Las Vegas

Tahoe Springs Water has provided the best alkaline and spring water in Las Vegas since 1994. You can receive the water you want for your hydration right in front of your place of residence or office. You can see the results of lab tests which provide the safety and healthiness of the water.


Should I drink spring water or alkaline water?

The features and benefits are a bit different. It’s a personal choice.

Is spring water the same as alkaline water?

Not exactly, but spring water has a higher pH level naturally.

How is it that spring water becomes alkaline in nature?

The process of passing through rocks and stones gathers minerals and alkaline features.

Do alkaline water and spring water have higher pH levels?

Yes, they both have a higher pH level than tap water, and this is a great feature.

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