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Can You Drink Tap Water in Las Vegas?


The quality of tap water in Las Vegas has been a controversial topic. The reality is the water doesn’t taste very well. But it’s 100% safe to drink.

The latest scientific findings say that tap water may not be good for a few people. Some disorders or health problems can be due to the water you drink.

The text tries to help you find out whether you should drink the Las Vegas Tap water or not.

The status of tap water in Las Vegas

The main source of Las Vegas water is Lake Mead. Water from the Rocky Mountains going through the Colorado River and then reaches Lake Mead.

You can drink the tap water in Las Vegas. It’s safe and drinkable. However, you may not like its taste. It doesn’t taste very good. It better drinks bottled water if you are in the area. You get easily dehydrated in the Las Vegas valley.

Las Vegas drinking water source

Now the question is, “Where does Las Vegas get its tap water?” Per the LVVWD, 90% of tap water in Las Vegas comes from the Colorado River, originating from the Rocky Mountains. The Mountain range provides water to 25 million Americans in different states.

About 10% of the city water comes from ground sources. It’s an answer to the high demand for water in the summer and hot period of the year (June- September). The officials report that during the hot season, groundwater supplies 25% of the “valley’s daily water supplies”. Some of the residents don’t rely on municipal water supply. They are dependent on 6,000 wells within the Las Vegas Valley that provide groundwater for usage.

The local officials ensure that the tap water is safe and healthy to drink. However, the taste of water encourages people to rely on bottled water for usage. But the local officials guarantee that the water is safe to drink.

Is Las Vegas tap water safe to drink?

Yes, you can drink the water straight from the tap in Las Vegas. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees public water systems and establishes rigorous quality standards to guarantee potable water. The water supply in Las Vegas is monitored and treated by the Las Vegas Valley Water District on a regular basis to ensure it meets or exceeds these federal standards.

Quality of tap water in Las Vegas

People ask about the safety and quality of tap water in Las Vegas. They have heard or sipped the not very good taste of water, and the first question that comes to mind is whether it’s safe to drink or what the quality is.

Tap Safe is a reliable source that provides “up-to-date and straightforward answers” to people’s questions about the safety of drinking tap water in the most popular travel destinations. It indicates that “tap water in Las Vegas, Nevada is considered safe to drink”. It met the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, water is “very hard,” and people might not like the taste.

In the 2020 report of the Las Vegas valley water district (LVVWD), the 302,000 tests on 56,700 water samples indicated that “the levels for the following items were within acceptable standards:

  • radioactive
  • chemical
  • mineral
  • biological contaminants

The report indicates that the water is hard water (with 16 grains per gallon or 269 parts per million of minerals like calcium and magnesium). However, hard water poses no risk to people. The report also insists that the following groups would better be cautious about drinking hard water:

  • People with the weak immune system
  • The elderly
  • Infants, those with HIV/AIDS
  • People undergoing cancer/chemotherapy treatments
  • Organ donors/recipients

Tap water in Las Vegas Hotels

Hotels in Las Vegas provide inexpensive services. Their quality is good, and people enjoy visiting them. But, “Can you drink tap water in Las Vegas hotels?

The tap water in Las Vegas hotels is also very hard. Yet, it’s drinkable and safe. Visitors may not like the taste. So the hotels provide bottled water.

If you have a particular disease or allergy, you might want to drink bottled water. Lots of Las Vegas companies produce high-quality alkaline, spring, and bottled water. The hotels also serve them. So you have a different range of options.

The restaurants in the area and casinos also provide bottled water. If the guests don’t like the tap water in Las Vegas, they can receive the bottled or alkaline water.
infographic What you need to know before drinking tap water in Las Vegas

Las Vegas tap water quality

When the water has large parts of dissolved minerals, it is hard water. The amount of calcium and magnesium in water makes it soft or hard. Hard water makes washing difficult. It influences your skin and hair as well. It also affects the taste of food.

By the KNTV report, tap water in Las Vegas is the 2nd hardest water in the US.

Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) reports that water’s hardness is 278 parts per million. In other words, the hardness of tap water in Las Vegas is 16 grains per gallon. It gets considered very hard.

Tap water in Las Vegas contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium. The two nontoxic minerals make it very hard.

Effects of Drinking Hard Water

Drinking hard water can make your skin and hair dry. If you suffer long-term dryness on your skin, it might be due to tap water’s hardness in Las Vegas.

According to the Healthline report, hard water can change the pH level of your skin. Hard water can be risky for people suffering from dermatitis. Dermatitis also gets called eczema. It’s a condition that makes your skin itchy and red.

The Science Daily reveals that hard water connection with eczema in infants.

Hard water and cardiovascular disease

A few resources report the effect of hard water on blood pressure and heart disease. The case studies that consumed hard water had more heart problems compared to the other case studies. Although the results need more proof and research, you’d better avoid tap water if you suffer from heart problems.

Water softening systems may help you eliminate the effects of hard water on your skin and hair.

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Who is tap water in Las Vegas dangerous for?

As the tap water in Las Vegas is very hard, a few groups and people need to be more careful. It is particularly true if they use the water for the long term and do not have water softeners.
The director of the health program of NRDC, Eric Olson, says:

“Thousands of other cities and small towns across the country are serving water with lead or other contamination problems to millions of people.”

His remarks make us think more of the tap water we drink.

Pregnant women and children are sensitive groups. They need to be more careful with the water, by the NRDC remarks.

Pregnant women

Staying hydrated is essential for pregnancy. The functions of the brain, digestive system, and kidneys depend on drinking enough water.

Health experts recommend 12-13 cups of water every day to keep you and your baby hydrated. Providing that you are pregnant, you need to know that some tap water chemicals might hurt your baby.

A study in Canada shows that consuming high fluoride during pregnancy is linked to lower IQ in boys. The study suggests that pregnant women lower the amount of fluoride consumed during pregnancy.

Are you considering water filters or boiling the water? They do not reduce the amount of fluoride in tap water.

Bottled water does not contain larger amounts of fluoride. So it could be an option for pregnancy.


Tap water contains manganese and iron. They are not harmful. Often they make reddish-brown stains on your bathtub or sink. According to babyMed’s article, manganese and iron might bring about lower birth weight for babies. Mothers who drank water with high manganese and iron have babies smaller than average. Low birth weight leads to many health problems in the baby’s life. Some babies might get an infection in the first week of their life. The long term effects include but not limited to:

  • Late social development
  • Learning disabilities
  • Lower IQ
  • Weight problems
  • Generally poor health

Weak Immune System

The CDC recommends that people with a weak immune system -the elderly, the young, or prevent women follow the below instructions:

  • Boil water for drinking, cooking, and making the formula of infants. It is when you are not sure of water’s safety.
  • Drink water that has been purified through:
    • Reverse osmosis
    • Distillation
    • Filtration

Skin disorder

Hard water is full of minerals, such as calcium. The USGS states that hard water reacts with calcium. It creates a ‘soap scum’ on your skin that is almost impossible to wash off. When you use enough soap but don’t wash it properly, it could lead to skin itchiness and irritation.

I don’t like tap water in Las Vegas. What can I do?

As the article indicates, tap water in las Vegas is safe to drink. But as the taste is not that good, you might not be drinking enough water every day, particularly your children.

You can get help from a reliable water company and get water from them. Tahoe Springs Water has provided the best water to the residents since 1994. There are different water options you can choose from; purified water, alkaline water, and spring mountain water. Each of these water options has its features and benefits. It’s up to your preferences, and needs to pick them as your water option. You can go through the top menu of the website to find more information about each one of the water options.

The source of water is clear with Tahoe Springs Water, and it goes through tests and screens to ensure its quality and safety. You can also see the results of water tests on the menu of the website.

You can order your water choice online, and delivery is free. It comes right in front of your house and delivers the bottles of water to your family.

Why might tap water in Las Vegas be bad for you?

The result of a few studies makes clear why tap water in Las Vegas might have a bad effect on you.


The city officials add chlorine to tap water to make it clean and safe to drink. It’s been seen in some cases that chlorine mixed with other minerals has created chloroform.
Chloroform can increase the risk of poor fetal growth and miscarriage in pregnant women.


Arsenic can enter the water from industrial pollution or natural deposits. High amounts of arsenic during pregnancy may have a link to a high risk of miscarriage. The arsenic level of tap water in Las Vegas is 10 ppm by the LVVWD summary report.

The FDA announces that exposure to high levels of arsenic for the long term can boost the risk for:

  • Skin cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Heart disease.

Brain development issues

According to the Business Insider report, too much fluoride in drinking water is connected to brain development problems. By the CDC report, 66% of US citizens drink fluoride. This is when the Department of Health has decreased the amount of fluoride in public drinking water.

A UK study in 2012 studied the impact of fluoride on IQ. It revealed that children with higher fluoride in drinking water had a lower IQ compared to a lower level of fluoride consumption.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Tap water in Las Vegas is one of the controversial issues in the country. The taste of tap water is not very good, and people don’t like it. So people ask if it is safe to drink tap water—about 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year. Of course, the statistics are for before the COVID-19 pandemic, but people still visit the area. So it’s the visitor’s question as well.

People and visitors can be 100% sure that tap water in Las Vegas is safe and healthy to drink. However, the taste is not very good. So you would better get bottled water to stay hydrated. Bear in mind that you might get dehydrated in hot areas like Las Vegas quickly. There are health threats due to dehydration.

The other point to remember, as mentioned, is that tap water in Las Vegas is hard. According to the city water authorities, it’s the 2nd hardest water in the US. Hard water might not be appropriate for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Babies
  • People with a weak immune system

The article explained the effects of hard water for vulnerable groups to know what hard water can do to them.

You would better rely on bottled water in Las Vegas.

Tahoe Springs Water provides the best and healthiest in the area.

What ph of water should you drink?

The organization that is responsible for monitoring public drinking water quality across the United States is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The pH level of water does not come under the EPA safety rules and regulations. But it advises the States and local authorities to keep the pH of water at  6.5 to 8.5.

What you should know about the pH of water is that water with very low or very high pH levels can be a sign of heavy metal or chemical pollution. The alkaline water with a pH level of 9 is safe as the water companies make all the necessary tests to ensure its safety. Also, the EPA is strict on water safety and health in water companies.

If the pH of water is 6.5 and below, it is likely to be acidic and contaminated with pollutants. The pollution might be seen in low pH levels of water, so you would better take it seriously.

Water companies test the pH of the water, so you do not need to worry about them. But if the pipes and faucets are rusty red, white, or blue color, you might need to check the pH of the water.

The change of color is a sign of corrosion caused by acidic water. A test kit can help you to find out the pH of tap water. The price and forms are different. They hold instructions, and you have nothing to worry about.

Has tap water in Las Vegas changed in 2022?

The quality of tap water in Las Vegas has not changed, and it is safe to drink. The Las Vegas Valley Water District and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicate that the tap water in Las Vegas is safe to drink.

People who need to be careful with tap water in Las Vegas are babies, pregnant women, and those with a weak immune system.

The point to remember is that it’s the taste of tap water that could cause a problem. As people may not be very fond of it, they might not drink enough water every day. You and I need to drink enough water every day. If the process gets interrupted even by one day, the results of dehydration show up. The health risks are worse in the long term.

Consider the mentioned point and create a plan o drink enough water every day. A water company like Tahoe Springs Water can provide you reasonable water option. It encourages you to drink enough water every day. When you pay for the water, you create a commitment device to drink water. This is a useful point I learned from Atomic habits by James Clear. You can take advantage too.

The Final Note

Tap water in Las Vegas is safe to drink. Yet, it’s one of the hardest waters in the US. It is the 2nd hardest water in the US. You might drink it every day and have no problems. But as the text covered, a few groups might consider a different option.

In case you are pregnant, have a weak immune system, or suffer from a disorder, read the page to get more information.

Tahoe spring water has been providing alkaline water,  bottled, and spring water in the Las Vegas valley since 1994.

Give us a call at +702-903-1433 and order the water you deem fit. To order online, go through the menu of the site.


Is tap water in Las Vegas safe to drink?

Yes, the EPA indicates that it is safe to drink, but a few need to be careful.

What is the source of tap water in Las Vegas?

Rocky mountains, Colorado River and Lake Mead, are the source.

Who is tap water in Las Vegas dangerous for?

Not dangerous, but these groups need to be careful; babies, the elderly, people with weak immune systems, organ donors,s or receivers.

Do you need to drink bottled water?

If the taste of water prevents you from drinking enough water and getting dehydrated.

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